We Must Never Extinguish The Hope Of Freedom

Having spent the majority of my adult life as a global traveler, I’m most thankful for the opportunity that I’ve been given to meet people of all backgrounds, religions and walks of life from every continent. I’ve traveled in depth to many countries considered allies and some considered adversaries, yet everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve been […]

A Non Partisan Letter To My Countrymen from Your Globally Minded Sister

My Dear Fellow Americans, You may not all agree with the thoughts that I express in the following paragraphs, but I ask that you read this through, then make comments as you wish. First of all, let’s start off on some common ground, with some mutual adoration of the great American icon and my personal […]

Labor Day Weekend Signature Cocktail

Whether traveling far and wide, hitting the highway for a road trip or staying in the neighborhood for a BBQ, this signature cocktail is a great way to savor and celebrate the remaining days of summer for Labor Day Weekend. CIROC Peach Sangria Recipe: 10 oz CIROC Peach 5 oz Cognac 5 oz Fresh Lime […]

All Gassed Up and Ready To Go! Labor Day Road Trippin

Although my driving skills may be a little bit rusty having been much more of a passenger over the past decade, before heading off to another faraway land, I’m thinking it’s time to hit the open road. What better way to enjoy the Labor Day Weekend Holiday than a good old fashioned Road Trip. Partying […]

Time To Tune In Houston!!! August 18th

Hey Houston…It’s about that time again that I’ll be coming you way.  Check me out on Great Day Houston, on Tuesday, Aug. 18th!  I can’t wait to share some more of my recent travels with you all!!! See you then! Your Gypsy…Amy

How To Squeeze In One Last Vacation This Summer

Whether you’re trying to squeeze in one last family getaway before school starts back in a few weeks, or you forgot to plan ahead for that big celebration or milestone anniversary, sometimes the early bird does not get the worm, and in this case, it’s better to be fashionably late. I’ve got 3 amazing last […]

A Trip of a Lifetime To Greece and it’s Affordable

Although traveling to Greece tops many travelers’ bucket lists, until recently, it’s been a pricey journey, which has made it a challenge for anyone on a budget. Right now, tourism within Greece is at historically low rates due to the country’s tough financial times and the Euro being at an all time low, nearly one […]

February Travel Horoscopes

February travel is always filled with so many expectations….the singles are looking for love, the newly dating are looking to impress and the settled down are looking for a spark to re-ignite the flame.  Whether your travels this month will fulfill your expectations for love or leave you heartbroken,  let your K-Glyphics Travel Horoscope guide […]

Valentines Getaways For Every Relationship Stage

Planning a romantic getaway to celebrate Valentines Day can be tricky no matter what stage your relationship is in, as it involves weighing a lot of factors and examining where you want the relationship to head, long before you’re actually heading there. I thought I’d share a few guidelines that will help alleviate potential pressure […]

Road Map To Capture My Heart, Truth or Dare

Having spent the best part of my past few years finding romance on every corner of the globe or encountering the perfect locales that inspire me to flirt, I now dedicate a bit of this knowledge to help you seek out your perfect escape to share Beachside Besos, partake in a little Cultural Canoodling, spark […]

The ABC’s of Romance On The Road

Romances On The Road can be as varied as the letters of the alphabet!  Here are 26 tips to keeping things spicy while maintaining your sanity along the way. The ABC’s of Romance On The Road TM A – Aim high…Mile high! B – Be open minded to new experiences in new lands C – Capture […]

Excessive Baggage – Destination Seduction

Sexy or Sweet, Erotic or Flirty, no matter what your style or travel itinerary, slip these items into your luggage before heading off on your Romantic Valentines Getaway and seduction will surely be the main course on your menu. Get your hands on these looks or find others at Somewear To Be! Cultural Canoodling •Tadashi […]

January Travel Horoscopes

Are you in for a little post holiday pampering, visiting some family members or maybe just some planning and preparation for travel in the months ahead, K-Glyphics shares whats in store for your January Travel. Aquarius January 20 – February 18 Aquarius, you may be pampered in January! It is after all your Birthday Month! […]

A Sip Of Sparkle With A Kick

The celebration of the New Year is all about 2 things, the countdown and the toast, and although we all love a little bubbly, it doesn’t hurt to spice things up a bit and try a new and refreshing twist to the classic flute of champagne.  Having been a longtime devotee to champagne cocktails year […]

Celebrating New Years Eve Near and Far

With New Years Eve right around the corner, East Coasters have tons of great options of where to go to ring in 2015 with friends and loved ones. Whether you’re wanting to get out of town for a road trip someplace nearby or hop on a flight for a complete change of scenery, celebrating New […]

A Savvy Traveler’s Holiday Wish List

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Mapping Out The Luxurious Shopping Steals Of The World

Who needs Black Friday or the day After Christmas Sales when the reality is that you spend half of your day waiting in long lines to pay a slightly reduced version of the retail (overpriced) tag. For many years, I’ve been creating an art form out of finding designer brands and luxury goods for a […]

December Travel Horoscopes

With the holidays here, travel is top of mind for all of us, whether it’s a New Years vacation for the whole family or just visiting loved ones the next town over.   Your Travel Horoscope from KGlyphics can help guide you through the planes, trains and automobiles of the holiday season. Aquarius January 20 […]

Open Air Markets – Experiencing the Thrill of the Purchase

As a major competitor in the sport of shopping, I attest that there are few arenas in the world that present you with the true thrill of the purchase quite like the traditional “Open Air Market”, although, yes, some are technically enclosed now.  Arriving as the away team to a stadium full of local vendors, […]

Taking The Road Less Traveled This Thanksgiving

For many, Thanksgiving travel has always meant overpriced rates, delays and long lines to get anywhere, *(I do consider this a valid point of view), although I like to think of any 4 day long holiday as the opportunity to travel. Whether it’s going back to my hometown to have the big dinner with family […]

Pumpkin & Spice & Everything Nice….Cocktails That Is!

A little pumpkin and spice is always nice as the weather starts cooling off in the fall, but these Thanksgiving themed cocktails really take the holiday theme up a notch. I’m thinking this year I may skip the pie altogether and choose to drink my desert with these four delectable goodies! Herradura Calabatini  Ingredients: 1 […]

November Travel Horoscopes

With the holidays right around the corner and the ever stressful Thanksgiving travel waiting at the end of the month, a little travel horoscope prediction by KGlyphics is always good to keep in your back pocket.  Safe journeys and enjoy a little turkey for me! Aquarius January 20 – February 18 Aquarians travel focus will […]

Celebrating Halloween 4 Ways In 4 Destinations

Although most people around the world view Halloween as an American created and marketed holiday, having experienced this occasion in more countries than I can count on two hands, I now realize that it has become an internationally adopted holiday for kids and kids at heart to embrace and have fun. For those adventurous celebrants […]

An Autumn Escape To The Pine and Birch Ranch

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending an artist research residency just outside of Ottawa, Canada, which proved to be a great excuse for a fall road trip and a breath of fresh air for a few days. *Guest Post The residency, via the Ayatana Artist Research Program, was focused on bio-artists and artists inspired […]

Accessorizing In The Spirit of Halloween

The celebration of Halloween, a typical American holiday now extends way beyond the borders of the United States and is shared by kids an of all ages the world over. As much as we all love Halloween, some of us “kids at heart” aren’t always able to celebrate, costume and all, as the real world […]

October Travel Horoscopes

Heading off to someplace exotic this month and curious to know what’s in the cards?  Perhaps a little Dia de los Muertos rendevous with a masked stranger in Mexico…or just hoping for a little luck on that upcoming business trip?  KGlyphics has provided us insights for your astrological travels in October. Aquarius January 20 – […]

Wine Spas, Just Another Reason To Drink Wine?

Moderate intake of wine has many long proven health benefits from fighting heart disease to improving circulation and with the study of vinotherapy, wine and it’s by-products are being found to have rejuvenating and skin firming capabilities when used in spa treatments and products. Having falling in love with wine years ago, wellness is just […]

Unique Hotels of Wine Countries the World Over

Creativity has always thrived in wine countries around the world, easily experienced by tasting the good juice created by the winemakers or reading the quirky labels of many wine bottles these days.   Ingenuitive chefs flock to these regions to create a culinary pairing for these local wines and are inspired by the wines to create […]

Off To Wine Country? Don’t Leave Home Without These

Practicality in packing for your getaway is just as important as comfort and fashion in my opinion.  When heading off to the wine country of your choice, it’s always great to remember these few things… 1.  Sun Protection – Even though it’s not the beach, the vineyards can get pretty sunny and wine intensifies the […]

Vino Camino – The Blending of Two Countries, Two Cultures & Two Grapes

I recently had the opportunity to chat with David Pagan Castano, Spanish born and bred winemaker now holding the reigns of the production at Potomac Point Winery outside of Fredricksburg, Virginia. My love of Spanish wines had me interested in his latest project, Vino Camino, a blend of Monastrell grapes from his hometown of Yecla, […]

Local Culture… One Glass of Wine at a Time

One of the major benefits of travel these days is getting to know the local people, their culture, their food and of course their drinks. Exploring wine countries in the fall during harvest time is a great way to interact with the local wine makers, try some exceptional food and wine from the region and […]

Wine Country Packing Tips from The Green Room of Great Day Houston

Just a little side note before you head out on your wine country vacation, I thought I’d give a few packing tips for your journey.  Check out my tips from the green room, aka “After Show” of Great Day Houston, and see you at Vino Volo, the next time you’re en route to a Wine […]

September Travel Horoscopes

Helping you stay one step ahead of the game on your September travels, be sure to read your travel horoscope, custom prepared by KGlyphics,  before departure…. Aquarius January 20 – February 18 Aquarians will be doing a lot of traveling alone. Possibly something related to information, technology or science. They will be going inward and […]

August Travel Horoscopes

Before you embark on your journey this August, make sure to check your travel horoscope.  I’ve got you covered right here via insight from K GLYPHICS. Aquarius Be ware of miscommunications! This sign will be facing a lot of plans that may fall through, as well unnecessary stress. To avoid this be sure to plan […]

Summer Packing Musts For The Whole Family

What’s worse than getting hit with “Excessive Baggage” Fees when you’re trying to make you way to a summer vacation destination all in one piece?  One could say getting hit with those fees on the return flight, having no week long vacation nor a delicious pina colada waiting on the other end of the day’s […]

August Travel – Summer’s Not Over Yet

My 4th of July plans are all set this year, and for once, I’m not going to be traveling!  Yup, that’s right, I plan to stay home in our Nation’s Capital, Washington, DC, and actually celebrate with the rest of my fellow Americans.  As I’ve already suggested to so many others that this is “The […]

Escape Without Leaving Your Own Home – Summer Staycations

With summer officially here, we can’t help but fill our minds with ideas for summer vacations, even if the reality is that we’ll be at home working, much more than off to some foreign land. Whether planning a trip or reminiscing about one that I’ve just returned from, bringing those travel experiences back to life […]

Excessive Baggage – Bermuda – The Chic Island

Combining my two great loves of Travel and Fashion is something that I’m fortunate to get the opportunity to do on a regular basis, but learning that the nearby island of Bermuda, where I’ve wanted to visit FOREVER…was actually as fashionable as your standard urban metropolis, well, that just had me salivating at the idea […]

Barcelona Staycation Recipes

Taking inspiration from the many local cafes and tavernas in the Gothic Quarter’s El Borne neighborhood, I’ve recreated a table setting as authentic as the ones you’d find in Barcelona, only this one is a little closer to home. CIROC Red Berry Sangria 10oz CIROC Red Berry 10oz Rose Wine 5oz Fresh Lemon Juice 5oz […]

Dubai Staycation Recipes

Inspired by the Desert Dune Dinner at Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa and the amazing Arabic flavors and setting at Amaseena at the Ritz Carlton Dubai, I’ve put together a desert picnic full of sweets, celebrating Dubai’s bedouin history and adding lavish touches like the modern day city. CIROC Martini Madre 1 oz CIROC […]

Tulum Staycation Recipes

Replicating Tulum’s simple, rustic, seaside charm can only be done by very simple and very authentic Mexican flavors.  Having first tried aguachile one afternoon, while lounging around at my not so secret escape, Be Tulum, I owe them the credit for this aguachile recipe. CIROC Summer Spice 1.5 oz CIROC Red Berry .75 oz Lime […]

The Skinny On Beach Beauty

With summer well upon us, and a full travel itinerary, stocked with beaches from Bermuda to Antalya to Riviera Maya, I’ve kicked up my workout routine over the past few months in preparation. Yet a girl could always use a little help polishing up a few loose ends here and there.  Not being able to […]

My Love Affair With Summer Travel

Ever since childhood, the summer has been my favortie season for travel. Building drip sandcastles and learning how to do kartwheels in the sand on the beach at Long Beach Island, NJ, snorkeling, all day beach volleyball tournaments and my first crazy nightlife experiences in Cancun, Mexico, and later, backpacking through Europe on a student’s […]

The Ingredients To An Amazing Reunion

The Summer is officially upon us, and one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of this season, are all of the amazing get-togethers and reunions with family and friends.  No matter how busy your schedule or how much time has passed by since you were last in touch, during the […]

Boy Scouting in Bermuda

With Bermuda’s Cup Match, their huge national holiday / celebration of Cricket, Boating and the Abolition of Slavery right around the corner, what other place in the world could I even consider being top of . Having recently returned from Bermuda, and fallen under this lovely island’s enchanting spell, it’s quite honestly been top of […]

Catch Me On The Daily Buzz – Talking Spring Travel

I had a great laugh with Lance Smith of The Daily Buzz, while chatting some of my Top Travel Picks of 2014…Guaranteed Not To Break The Bank!  We also threw in a little Barcelona love along the way…..Ladies….I think he may be single…just saying as a few of you have already asked!


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