August Travel Horoscopes

Before you embark on your journey this August, make sure to check your travel horoscope.  I’ve got you covered right here via insight from K GLYPHICS.



Be ware of miscommunications! This sign will be facing a lot of plans that may fall through, as well unnecessary stress. To avoid this be sure to plan everything, but be open to plans perhaps falling through. You can still travel, but expect delays, setbacks and schedules changing at the last minute. The bright side is, you may meet people you may never expect to meet, and it will feel fated. Embrace spontaneity as it will help with plans falling through.



Emotions will run high! Perhaps in anticipation? This sign would want to be a bit more spontaneous in terms of travel for the next month. An outing with friends, or a short trip over a weekend to a beach. Somewhere close-by, where they feel close to family and friends. They won’t feel very adventurous and should be careful about spending, since it will be out of love and not for practicality.



This sign will have a huge focus on family and celebrations. Perhaps traveling for family functions such as weddings, birthdays, or family gatherings. Whatever it will lead to will give a sense of emotional fulfillment and happiness. Maybe going to a dream destination?



This sign will definitely be traveling. Something that may almost fall in their lap that will expand their horizons. Something completely different! An unexpected trip with a friend, or through work or with a co-worker. Something that may have to do with business, or to bring business to you, making money from the trip will be part of it as well. The suddenness of the trip will feel fated.



Business trip! Or a travel opportunity that will be completely unexpected; Or something that will increase abundance for you. Maybe meeting with a new client that will eventually turn into promising profits? Something about business, the environment, finance, or anything related to the earth will be the theme for this month in terms of travel for you Gemini.



Cancerians will be staying at home at lot for the month of August. Work will be a big focus, maybe working hard towards a goal for a trip in the future? Focus, dedication and intent are the themes for travel (if any) for Cancers. Maybe a business trip that took a long time to plan? Something well thought out and is still in the process of being delivered.



If Leo is traveling during the month of August, it will be near the full moon. It may have an art, music or literature undertones to it. It may be a honeymoon, or romance may be a big part of it. However, with all things like the moon, it is an illusion, so be careful of high expectations not being met while traveling or traveling with someone or meeting someone for the first time. Maybe you are traveling to a new destination that’s been a dream and you have high expectations for it? All in all, expect the unexpected, aim high, but stay grounded in terms of traveling for August, Leo.



Ooh la la! Virgo will be meeting a potential romance on a trip this coming month. Be open to a lasting connection with this person. They will be of a water sign, and will feel fated almost. Make sure to exchange social media, twitter handles, and emails as they could turn into a potential romance. Maybe you are just traveling with a friend and a deeper connection will be had? Or you are taking a potential love interest and it will develop deeper as a result of the trip. Either way, keep your confidence up as traveling will be good for your love life, Virgo.



If you will be traveling during the month of August Libra, it will be for artistic or business reasons. Maybe a business trip that will involve other people, or you may be visiting a studio, or a small firm or another small business. Anyway, it will restore your faith in what you do professionally and will give you some inspiration for
that next project. You may meet a new client towards the end of the month as well that will be long lasting while traveling this month, Libra.



Most of your traveling this month will happen during the sign of Leo, dear Scorpio. It will take you a lot of courage and inner balance to go on this trip. Maybe it will surround a difficult situation that has to do with family, a love interest, or an intense work project. Whatever it may be, you’ll not want to feel like going. Maybe finances will be difficult. Anyway, there will be obstacles presented to you during August for travel, Scorpio.



Much like you’re friends in the sign of Libra, you’ll be traveling with friends, or for business. Being a fire sign make sure you don’t be too pushy with friends and plans. Sometimes fire signs tend to be spontaneous and plans often tend to fall through. Use the support of your friends or co-workers for stability as it will help in terms of making plans come through.



You’ll be traveling unexpectedly for the month of August, Capricorn. Or you’ll be fantasizing about a dream destination? Anyway, things don’t look that active for you this month, Capricorn. Perhaps plan a trip, but don’t go on it? Dream and fantasize are terms for you Capricorn. Maybe a childhood dream will come through regards to traveling? Or just getting your head out of the clouds and acting on an iternary you have already planned! Anyway, August will be the time to act and not dwell in thoughts and fantasies.

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