Packing for Halloween or Keeping It Local? – Excessive Baggage Costume Edition

money treeI’ll never forget my favorite Halloween costume, a Money Tree, which I created myself and wore during the height of the economic crisis in the US, 2009 out for a crazy Halloween night in New York City.

It was a total hit, as those down on their luck were out drinking their sorrows away and following me around trying to steal the fabric dollars off of the money tree and everyone else was lining up to take their picture with “Miss Money Tree”.   Even the workers at the local West Village watering holes recalled my costume upon my return months and years later.

Yes, that was a once in a lifetime experience, that can’t be recreated… being one of the most unique and celebrated costumes of Halloween in NYC, and really, it was more about timing than creativity.

Although I’m not trying to advocate you travelers to pack a huge, pipe cleaner constructed, tree branch head dress in your suitcase, it still should be the ultimate goal to leave an impression on the Halloween party that you attend or your mark on the town where you celebrate. No need to copy my idea verbatim, as timing is everything and luckily we’ve improved our economic standing as a country in the recent years, so I doubt the Money Tree would be the same smashing success.

In an effort to be timely, here are some creative “current event related” costume ideas that are equally ground breaking and travel proof, and best of all, not store bought.

  1. Your Favorite ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Celebrity – Whether it’s George W Bush getting the ice dumped over his head on the terrace of his home by his wife Laura, doable with George W president’s face mask, or spicing it up in a black bikini like Gwyneth Paltrow, as long as other party-goers will know who you are, it’s sure to inspire a few laughs and photo ops.

gwyneth ice bucket*Photo via

  1. The Odd Couple of the Year “Jay Z and Solange – Yup, that’s right, not her big sis Beyonce.  For couples, this one is easy to recreate…He can wear a tuxedo with a white jacket and she and orange cocktail dress. If there’s no orange cocktail dress, just wear a black afro wig and any colorful cocktail dress…Solange’s MO for most red carpet events. Throughout the night and during photo ops, Solange look alike can jokingly beat upon and kick Jay Z while he maintains complete composure.

 jay z and solange*Photo via

  1. The Whatsapp Messenger Logo – in 2014, the cash cow instant messaging app just got a little bit richer, as Facebook purchased the app for $19 billion dollars. You can easily create this costume by making a bright green round fabric smock with the white phone and outline and for the timeliness factor, attach a few large increment fabric dollar bills, representing your $19 billion net worth. With over 450 million users around the world, the Whatsapp costume is sure to be a hit.

whatsapp costume

  1. Shaia Le Boef “I Am Not Famous Anymore” Paper Bag Look – Guys or girls can don a tux with a paper grocery bag over their head with the black writing “I Am Not Famous Anymore” and viola! You’ve got your costume.

shaia*Photo via

  1. Paparazzo Attacker under America Ferrara’s Dress – The Ukranian journalist Vikalii Sediuk certainly takes the award for wacko of the year, and although nobody would recognize the costume if you dressed as him exactly, his moment of red carpet crowning glory was when he crawled under America Ferrara’s dress at Cannes Film Festival. This costume can easily be remade with a simple, second hand wedding dress and attaching a blow up doll under the bottom of the dress.

 paparazzi*Photo via

  1. The Oscars Selfie – A great group costume to commemorate the most famous selfie of the year, the Bradley Cooper and Ellen Degenerous group selfie. Just print out a copy on poster paper and cut out holes in the faces, so that you and your friends can easily insert your faces in place. Wanting to be more accurate? Dress in black tie attire, matching that of the Oscars attendees.

 selfie*Photo via

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