An Autumn Escape To The Pine and Birch Ranch

Recently, I had the opportunity of attending an artist research residency just outside of Ottawa, Canada, which proved to be a great excuse for a fall road trip and a breath of fresh air for a few days.

*Guest Post

The residency, via the Ayatana Artist Research Program, was focused on bio-artists and artists inspired by nature and science and it encouraged hands on research, adventure, experimentation and collaboration between various other artists.

Inspiration by nature was easily achieved by our surroundings at the Pine and Birch Ranch, which is nestled on the banks of the impressive 10-acre Pine Lake in rural Quebec, a half hour from Ottawa, for those who choose to fly *(recommended), or just under an 8 hour, very scenic drive from the NY and Boston metro areas. This time of year was peak season for the Ranch and those adventurous looking to make a road trip, as the fall foliage was spectacular!

Around the ranch we found many unique settings for painting and creative collaboration, whether inside, nestled up to the 18-foot fire place at the Ranch house or in the great outdoors, amongst the horses, cats, dogs and other wild animals who inhabit the ranch. This property was absolutely perfect for our artists’ retreat and also ideal for family reunions and other small group getaways…anybody getting married soon?

One evening, we even ventured out to Wakefield, the nearest town, about 4 miles away to get a bit of change in scenery and check out the local scene. It was a pleasant surprise to see that Wakefield was a quirky, bilingual village boasting some fantastic French country style dining options, Café Chez Eric and Café Pot au Feu, both of which received top accolades from members of our group.

The long ride home, returning from Pine and Birch Ranch provided more inspiration in the multi colored vistas and also served as a great time to reflect on the lovely, relaxing and peaceful retreat I had just finished, not to mention a little wishful thinking that I could return next year, come fall.

Guest Post Written by Kristi Beisecker of KGlyphics

Edited by Jetsetter Gypsy

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