Trunk Tips – All The Must Pack Items for your Labor Day Weekend Road Trip

Before you ditch your work duds and roll out early for the long weekend adventure ahead of you, don’t forget to toss a few of these goodies into the trunk or back seat to ensure survival this Labor Day Weekend!

Girls Trip / Guys Trip Musts for Atlantic City, NJ:

Aqua Hydrate Electrolyte Water – If partying is the objective of the weekend, then it’s essential to stay hydrated & replace the electrolytes lost in the all nighters.

His & Hers Warby Parker Sunglasses – Beat the glare from the windshield, survive under the sun at one of AC’s many beach bars, hide your tired “all nighter” eyes and keep your poker face at the game table…need I say more?

Couples Trip Musts for Finger Lakes Wine Country, NY:

Picnic Time Metro Insulated Basket – Perfect for storing waters and snacks for the drive and then re-using throughout your stay for toting wine, cheese and other goodies perfect for a picnic!  What’s best about this basket?  It collapses down flat when empty and is also very quick drying, so can easily fit into luggage as well.

Jack Links Small Batch Beef Jerky, Babybel Cheese & Dukan Oat Bran Biscuits – These snacks all pass the test for being “Road Trip Worthy”, as in a quick, tasty, heathy and filling fix, easily consumed on the go, plus they all pair really well with wine, for that double duty of a wine country picnic.

Ciroc Peach Sangria – Wine Country, Beach, wherever you’re headed this Labor Day Weekend, it’s always fun to have a signature drink.  I’m loving this fresh and fruity Peach Sangria that will leave you savoring every last sip in an effort to savor the summer.  RECIPE HERE.

Large Group of Friends or Family Trip Musts for The Outer Banks, NC:

Board Game Beach Towels – Throw down a Twister or Checkers printed beach towel on the sand and instantly have some group games and activities.

Rubbs Bracelets – These colorful bracelets are great for identifying teammates for games and are a fun and waterproof accessory for all ages at the beach this weekend.

Xmini Capsule Speakers – Plug the Xmini into your iPhone or iPod for instant tunes on the beach, loud enough for your group, but not overbearing on the neighbors.  Tiny, portable and light weight make them a Must Pack for every trip.

Family Trip Must for Greater Williamsburg, VA:

Road Trip Bingo & The License Plate Game – Keeping the kids occupied on the road is key to keeping your sanity, so pack these road trip games or download the digital versions on your iPad for the tech savvy family.

Uggs Driving Loafers – Comfort in the car is just as important as comfort while sightseeing around town and these Uggs loafers pull a serious double duty, being wool lined, they feel like bedroom slippers, yet give you the support that you need for hours on your feet.  Did I mention, they were originally made for the beach, so they’re waterproof as well, perfect for hours at Bush Gardens, even if you do choose a water ride.

OPI “Are We There Yet” Nail Laquer – No road trip is complete without the kids asking the parents about a million times “Are We There Yet?”, so even if your road trip is sans children this Labor Day Weekend, Ladies, be sure to get your mani and pedi with this fantastic OPI color that will have you reminiscing of your childhood days nagging your parents to see “Are We There Yet.”

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