Accessorizing In The Spirit of Halloween

The celebration of Hluggagealloween, a typical American holiday now extends way beyond the borders of the United States and is shared by kids an of all ages the world over.

As much as we all love Halloween, some of us “kids at heart” aren’t always able to celebrate, costume and all, as the real world often gets in the way.

For me this year, that’s exactly the case. On Oct. 31st instead of handing out candy to trick or treaters then heading to a costume party later in the evening with friends, I’ll be enjoying an all night flight. Yes, I’ll probably have some vino on the plane, maybe some pumpkin soup in the airline lounge and who knows, perhaps the flight attendants will have on some festive accessories, and who knows, but I’m sure that will be the extent of my celebration.

In an effort to look festive for Halloween, apart from my seasonally appropriate dark metallic orange luggage, I’ve found a few ways to accessorize my look without calling too much attention to myself by the TSA agents or any other serious adults I may encounter on this “Spooktacular” day.

Halloween Nail Art

halloween nails*Photo via

Already one of my favorite ways to accessorize while traveling year round, nail art allows you to express yourself in a more subtle, yet colorful way, while also protecting your nails from breakage while handling luggage and hiding the dirt and grime from your journey. So pick your favorite Halloween nail art look and rock it while adding smiles to the faces of those who notice in even the most serious of scenarios.

Bat Patterned Tights

bat tights*Photo via

This demure yet slightly batty pair of stockings are discreet enough to wear to the office with a black shirt dress or suit, yet they leave you feeling festive all day long. Only if they came in a compression tights version, I’d gladly wear them on my long plane flight on Halloween.

Halloween Brooch

skull broach*Photo via

Add a ghoulishly glamorous sparkle to your look with a Halloween themed crystal brooch. Clever placement of a unique brooch can really make or break an outfit and I’m loving this Swarovski Crystal Skull and Cross Bones model available at 1000 Jewels. Attach to the side of a thin black belt and you’ve instantly got a chic and festive look.

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