A Savvy Traveler’s Holiday Wish List

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Yes, it’s that time of year again when we all begin purchasing for others instead of ourselves…but, what do our love ones really want and need? If they have the wanderlust like myself, you may want to take a few notes here.

luggage gift

SKITS Geek Case

Large enough to contain my travel tech needs for a weekend getaway up to a few months long journey, yet it zips down compact to leave plenty of extra space in my carry on. I love the glamorous color options of the gold and silver metallic as well. So Jetsetter Gypsy chic!

X-mini WE

Xmini We small

I thought that my X-mini capsule speaker was my favorite travel tech gadget and then my friends at X-mini went and created the WE, a thumbnail size capsule speaker propelling the same level of sound and the WE is even wireless, connecting your music device via bluetooth, making it even that much simpler to pack.

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Luggage


This white hot luggage will surely stick out on the baggage claim belt and it’s ultra lite and durable casing will protect your belongings without breaking your back. What really has me craving the Victorinox Spectra 2.0 is the front zippered quick access door on their carry-on sized models, allowing an easy in easy out when removing laptops and other items for airport sensors. Looking chic and expediting the airport security process at once, that’s a win-win situation.

DHC Mini Skincare Essentials

Your beauty routine has just been downsized, literally to your carry on bag! DHC Skincare has launched mini versions of their Deep Cleansing Oil makeup remover, ultra-hydrating facial Olive Virgin Oil and their CoQ10 Cream and Lotion, providing you with the same super-antioxidant coenzyme wrinkle fighting and moisturizing combatants for your life on the go.



We’re not all genetically gifted or Photoshop creative to have the infamous thigh gap that is appearing in so many celeb Instagram bikini pictures these days. The great thing is we ladies no longer have to worry about any inner thigh chafing when we’re walking all over town sight seeing, as Bandelettes thigh bands are a comfortable and sexy solution.

Samsung NX Mini Camera w/ 9-27 mm lens & flash

Samsung NX Mini

You will never find this fashionista walking around with a black, cross body camera case, so in an effort to keep things minimal in my handbag while traveling, yet not sacrifice amazing photo quality, the Samsung NX Mini is the best of both worlds.

Chloe Dalston Convertible Shoulder Bag

Chloe Dalston

Beige is the new black when it comes to versatile travel accessories, whether pairing it with winter whites for a chic city getaway or bright tropical colors when escaping the cold, you can’t go wrong with this Chloe Dalston Convertible Shoulder Bag. It’s polished enough for an evening at the theater and sporty enough for an afternoon of boating.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Folding Classic

Ray Bans

This now trendy classic has just gotten a bit more travel worthy with the unique folding joint at the bridge of the nose, occupying even less space in your handbag or carry on.

North Face Women’s Stella Grace Jacket

north face

There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain when you’re on the go. The North Face Stella Grace jacket keeps you dry and chic while on business or leisure travel. The internal pockets are great as well for storage without adding bulk.

Silk Neck Pillow Cover

silk pillow

The stress of life on the go puts enough wrinkles on my face as is, so I need to take advantage of any wrinkle fighting help I can get during my sleeping hours, even if they’re when I’m sleeping on a plane flight. My long term relationship with my silk bed pillow cover has now spawned a mini version for my travel neck pillow.

NETGEAR N300 Trek Travel Router & Range Extender


It’s frustrating when your plan to work poolside during your vacation falls through due to the hotel lobby’s Wifi not reaching far enough. With NETGEAR’s N300, you no longer have to worry. Set it in a secure midway point between the lobby and the pool and viola…you have a connection!



For all of you wine enthusiast travelers, you can easily take home a few bottles of the good juice without working about leaks and breakages by simply securing each bottle in a Wineskin protective cover.

Rubbs Bracelets


My travel accessory of the year these rubber statement piece bracelets are the perfect travel companion for spicing up an outfit with a splash of color and they’re both waterproof and airport sensor proof, so you really don’t need to remove them during your entire trip.

Orly Bonder

orly bounder

I’m a huge advocate of keeping my nails painted while traveling. It’s an instant accessory to any look, hides the dirt and grime and keeps the nails from breaking while being on the go. To extend the lifecycle of that nail color, keeping it lasting through your whole trip, apply Orly’s Bonder rubberized base coat, which literally grips the polish onto the nail, adding a good 3-4 days of wear.

Herbacin Lavender Hand Crème

Herbacin Wellness Hand Cream Lavender.jpg

Long plane flights are extremely dehydrating, so it’s necessary to keep my hands and neck coated with Herbacin hand crème and their Lavender version has a great scent that also aids in relaxation and sleep for the overnight flights.

Vionic Gold Sydney Driving Loafers


Comfortable enough to walk for miles sight seeing without foot pain and chic enough to make a fashion statement anywhere I go, plus they’re easy on easy off for the airport sensors.

Eva NYC Travel Sized Straightening Iron

Mini Styler and Pouch

Hair dryers aren’t always convenient for travel no matter how small they are, due to electrical frequencies, but if you’re wanting to look polished, the Eva NYC travel sized version of their straightening iron cleans up all the loose ends that your hotel hair dryer may have left.

Turkish Hamam Bath Towels

turkish bath

I love these flat and super absorbent “hamam style” Turkish bath towels as they take up a third of the space that a normal towel would take in your luggage and their fun fringe and stripe pattern makes them an easy substitute for a beach wrap.

Dermstore Lip Quench

lip quench

My go to for rehydrating lips on plane flights and in the dry air of hotel rooms. The soothing lip balm is great for chapped lips of winter time and Lip Quench’s light irridenscent sheen is an understated compliment to any makeup look.

RejuvaHealth Compression Socks

Compression Socks

The key to keeping your leg and circulation healthy during long periods of travel and also avoiding unsightly “cankles”. RejuvaHealth compression socks and stockings now come in more fashionable patterns as well, like this rose print, lace or even argyle.

Solumbra by Sunprecautions Outback Straw Hat

Solumbra hat

If the beach or great outdoors are your style of travel, this Solumbra by Sunprecautions Outback Straw Hat is a must pack with it’s SPF 100 protection level and it’s laid back fashionable look.


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