Boy Scouting in Bermuda

With Bermuda’s Cup Match, their huge national holiday / celebration of Cricket, Boating and the Abolition of Slavery right around the corner, what other place in the world could I even consider being top of .

Having recently returned from Bermuda, and fallen under this lovely island’s enchanting spell, it’s quite honestly been top of mind for me in these weeks, not to mention that I find myself drifting back to the beautiful scenery and ever so friendly faces more often than not, when I’m on long conference calls or during those mid afternoon lulls at work.

So, what, you might ask, was so captivating about this island, for someone like myself who has traveled the world over, to be so enthralled with this “Classy Next Door Neighbor” to my home country?  Was it the expansive, and pristine beach and waters off of Horseshoe Bay?  The candy colored colonial homes that dotted the coastline, as we passed by in a private yacht?  Perhaps it was the pink sand along Elbow Beach, just at the right “pre sunset” moment when the hues from the sand matched the hues from the sky like a watercolor painting?

Well, those were all contributions for sure, but don’t get me wrong, whenever you find me sitting beachside, laying out, bikini clad and with my tiny MacBook Air on my lap, I’m certainly hard at work, but multitasking all the while.  Behind my dark sunglasses, I’m scouting out the local wild life, and more specifically that of the male human species.

So ladies, as much as everyone loves the tropical settings of the Caribbean and Mexico or the nightlife of Miami and Vegas for Girls Trips, I say head north to Bermuda and you won’t be disappointed.

Where to go you wonder, to partake in your own hands on “Bermudian Anthropology Study”?  Here are some definite key points of interest to launch your scouting expedition, and then just fill in the gaps along the way with your own, more in depth research.

#5. Sunset Drinks at Seabreeze Lounge followed by dinner at Lido – Overlooking Elbow Beach this dining complex draws locals as well as chic tourists being one of the few beachside outdoor lounge spaces open most of the year.  You’ll find a great selection of sushi and small plates or head indoors for a more formal, Mediterranean menu at Lido.  Either way, the sunset views are incredible and the international “wildlife” who inhabit the venue are equally as pleasing.  An added plus, if you want to take the party to the next level afterwards, Henry VIII’s is where you want to be and it’s right down the street.

#4.  Rum tasting at Goslings Rum – Reserve in advance so you can ensure that you’ll be hosted by Andrew Holmes, who handles Marketing for Goslings and is one of the most charismatic people whom I’ve encountered on my recent travels, not to mention, he’s easy on the eyes.  Andrew, donning traditional Bermuda shorts, knee socks and a blazer, will not only give you a phenomenal education on rum making and the history of the company, but he’s also very well connected in the local nightlife scene, so a key contact for a good time.

#3.  Friday night out on Front Street – Yes, this is the strip and this is the night to go.  Anyone who is anyone in Bermuda enjoys the Friday night scene on Front Street, so make like a local and join in.  Start off at Port O Call for a pre dinner drink, then head over to Red Steakhouse & Bar for an uber sexy / lounge style spin on a traditional steakhouse, where you just may choose to stay for the rest of the night.  If you do feel motivated to try other spots on the strip, my recommendations are after dinner drinks on the intimate rooftop terrace of Muse, then late night dancing at Café Cairo.

#2.  Cricket Matches – Anytime sporting comes to mind, I automatically think of the gorgeous athletes who are center stage, but who doesn’t love a sporting event where you can get a little done up for?  Trust me, in Bermuda, the ladies are all getting done up for the cricket matches in order to put their best face forward for their local heroes.   A match is a must, especially if you can make it in town for Cup Match, and be sure to route for Somerset, as one of their stars moonlights as a driver when he’s not on the field, and happened to be my driver on the trip.  But let me warn you, the competition for these cricketers is stiff.  I was quick to observe that no matter what part of the island we were on, Chris had the local women stopping in their tracks.

#1.  Friday Happy Hour at The Fairmont Hamilton Princess – Yes, if there is only one social activity that you do your entire stay in Bermuda, it needs to be THIS!!!  Don’t be fooled by the laid back personalities of these island inhabitants, they are chic to the core, and they’re out in their fiercest here at this Friday happy hour that occupies the massive lawn and waterside terrace area of the elegant Fairmont Hamilton Princess.  Dress the part, enter with confidence and you’ll be sure to turn heads upon arrival and hopefully upon your departure with some local wild life.

So if you’re looking for an amazing escape to take in the near future, hop over to Bermuda, and I highly suggest doing so during Cup Match in early August!  You can be certain to have the most hands on experience at observing the best of Bermuda’s local wildlife during their annual Cricket match and later, linking up with all of the local friends you’ve made to enjoy the all day boating party in Mangrove Bay that is the Non Mariners.  You may even leave the Non Mariners with the new skill of tying nautical knots while inebriated.

If you follow my social calendar, you’re guaranteed to be an Eagle Scout by the time you return home, and isn’t that what boy scouting is all about?  Observing wildlife, acquiring skills like knot tying and most of all learning how to build fires, right?  Well, perhaps this version of flame making doesn’t exactly include rubbing together two pieces of dry wood!

Cheers to another Dark & Stormy!

Jump start your planning for Bermuda by clicking onto my luggage to see what I packed for my trip.  Hopefully your inner fashionista will be inspired to create and pack similar looks.  I’d love for you to share!

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