My Love / Hate Relationship With Packing, Ohh…and Some Tips For Your Next Journey

It’s amazing how packing can be one of the best and worst things about travel.  The excitement of getting ready for that big trip and strategically planning out what to pack has always been one of my favorite activities to look forward to.  Often times, it involves a little vino and my favorite delivery dinner to create a full-on packing party.  On the contrary, re-packing suitcases for the return home can be stressful, especially if you’re time-crunched, your clothing and items seem to have miraculously grown, and this doesn’t include the unpacking and laundry to do once arriving home.

On the upside, packing smart helps lend to a smooth journey and a less painful unpacking process.  Helping you pack a little smarter these days, here are my tips that I shared from the Green Room of Great Day Houston recently.

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