Los Cabos – Get Out of Town – Rancho Pescadero

I’m sure we’ve all played the childhood game 7 minutes in heaven, where you get shoved into the closet and make out with some adolescent crush, well, Rancho Pescadero is my adult version.  No crush necessary, as this place is so amazing regardless, however to reach Heaven on Earth status, insert “crush”, “romantic interest”, “lover”, etc…

So, I’ll say this once and I will not repeat myself, as my absolute favorite hotel on the planet is Rancho Pescadero.

Why, you may ask?  Simply because it has every pleasure and luxury that I look for in a hotel, done to absolute perfection, without any of the stuffy / unnecessary extras. Period!

Slightly over 1 hour drive from Los Cabos, you’ll find Rancho Pescadero, along Pescadero Beach, a quiet, residential area, where this resort occupies the majority of the land in the area, with it’s expansive organic farms, and the massive stretch of beach along the Pacific which is seldom populated.  No worries though, this is not a massive resort, with a total of 26 rooms, all large suites, there’s never overcrowding, and the walks to the pool, beach, restaurant, lobby, are all relatively short.

3 Days and 3 nights are the perfect equation for doing Rancho Pescadero right.  Any longer and you might get stir crazy, as it is a bit isolated, any shorter and you’ll feel a lump in your throat as you check out, as you’re just not ready to leave.

I could honestly write a chapter on each detail of why I love this place so much, so in an effort to not give it all away, just go there and plan on not leaving for 3 days.  Do everything the property has to offer.

You’ll experience the most amazing food prepared by well known regional Chef, Rodrigo Bueno, you can enjoy fresh tropical fruit cocktails mixed by “mixologist”, yes that’s right, one of the best in the state Dany Sanchez, and everything can be consumed on one of the infinity edge poolside daybeds, no reservation needed!

When you’re ready to go to your room, don’t plan on just dropping your bags off and heading out, this is a room to truly take in.  The views are incredible from the bed, so open the glass doors to have a totally open-air room flowing onto the lower terrace with shaded day beds or climb your spiral staircase to your upper terrace with a private Jacuzzi and daybed.  Order room service, do whatever, enjoy!

You’ll find lovely plusses like daily yoga classes offered, massages and other spa services in tiny huts along the beach, private beachside lounging cabanas and bicycles for guests use.

At the end of the day, the bathrooms are true perfection, spacious and meant to be enjoyed by two.  Did I mention, the views…they’re also fabulous from the bath!

Fab, fab, fab! down to every last detail, but simple at the same time.  You want to get to know me better? Go with me there!  You want to make a good impression on me?  Take me there!  You want to marry me?  Propose to me there!  You want me to have your children?  Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however, the rooftop daybeds of these suites are the closest thing to perfection where I could imagine the ideal “conception”.

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