Puerto Vallarta – Get Out Of Town – La Troza Beach House

Have you ever had a Gilligan’s Island style of dream where you’re stranded on a deserted island, with only a select small group of people?   I’m sure it’s crossed your mind in your sleep various times, enough to now be able to picture the faces of those who you’d want joining you. For me, I got a chance to relive that dream, luxury style at La Troza Beach House, about 40 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta.

After spending a packed 5 days in Puerto Vallarta for a mix of work and play, I was worn out and much in need of some rest and relaxation as well as secluding myself from the world.

La Troza was the perfect answer to satisfy that need.  From the moment I stepped onto the small motor boat that departed from a nearby beach, I knew that I would not be opening my laptop nor attached to my blackberry for at least the next 48 hours.  Even better, was that I knew that all of my needs would be taken care of  100% during this time, as I was accompanied on the boat with a my private cook / housekeeper and all of the groceries and supplies needed.

We set off on a quick 10 minute boat trip to arrive at a lovely and modern beach cottage, fully equipped with an open kitchen as sleek as some you’d see on MTV cribs, a typical Mexican “palapa” style thatched roof and most importantly hammocks and a Jacuzzi both overlooking the tiny private beach.

Ok, ok, so we weren’t roughing it as much as on Gilligan’s Island, but really, do you think a woman like Ginger would ever have truly been a survivor on an island like that?

The daytime hours were easily spent lounging in the sun, taking the sea kayaks for a spin, enjoying the local, fresh fare prepared by the cook and just luxuriating in this once in a lifetime setting.  The only difference for me between my Gilligan’s Island dream and this reality was that I didn’t have the pleasure of being joined by those friends who depicted in my dream.  Next time, it’ll be a group trip for sure!


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