Gypsy Vs. Jetlag

Being back in Asia now for the second time in 4 months, the topic of Jetlag is pretty top of mind.

Like nearly all of my trips, this one fell into the “Hit the ground running” category
for the pace that I’d be keeping for the next two weeks. With so much to see and do,both daytime and night, I knew that the last thing I’d want to deal with was fighting off the late afternoon sleepiness or pre sunrise wake up calls of Jetlag.

Even worse, returning home when I have to jump right back into my work routine,
where this battle seems that much greater of a challenge, as my day to day routine is so much less inspiring to fight that urge to sleep.

Having mastered the Hop Across The Pond Jetlag Challenge years ago, I’m now
determined for my Opposite Ends Of The World Theory to work out quite well.

I’ve put together some quick tips on how to win this battle against The Almighty
whether you’re making the Hop Across The Pond or traveling to Opposite
Ends Of The World

Hop Across the Pond – Outbound

You have to experience the power of the enemy before you’re able to defeat them, so yes, that is me in the image above, losing my battle to Jetlag my first day in Thailand back in December.

Let my personal defeats serve to ensure that your trip to foreign lands will not be plagued by Jetlag, and your return to your routine back home will be as smooth as possible.

What can I say? Was it really learning the hard way allowing the Jetlag to get the best of me while receiving a manicure and pedicure? Clearly my situation could have been worse!

One response to “Gypsy Vs. Jetlag”

  1. Thank you Elana!
    I’m happy to receive your positive feedback and know that you found this post helpful!
    Stay tuned for more!


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