London – Beauty – Lounging The Day Away At The Sanctuary

Often times, due to my hectic work schedule, I find it hard to separate work-time and me-time. Sure, I’ll book a massage or a facial, but minutes after the treatment is complete, I’m hustling back to the locker room to change and get back to the daily grind. Sometimes I leave feeling more stressed than when I came in simply because I’ve missed an important email or phone call.

So, for my most recent self-indulgent experience, I decided to give myself a true day off—one of those mythical “mental-health days” that count as a sick day and NOT a vacation day.

And, the place for my mental health retreat: The Sanctuary in Covent Garden, London

This place is the definition of a Day Spa. I literally spent hours relaxing, napping (seriously, I passed out on a cozy day bed), enjoying small bites and indulging in luxurious treatments.

I even test-drove the iconic swing that hangs over the atrium pool.

And, because it’s an all-women, no boys allowed, spa — I’m definitely planning a stop here for my next girls weekend!

Ladies, clear your schedules (and leave your cell phones at home!)

The Sanctuary

12 Floral Street
London WC2E 9DH
0870 770 3350

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