Black Is The New Black…Everywhere

As the Bohemian Chic and Denim trends began to wind down in the late Summer through early Fall across Europe, it was Black on Black that began popping up everywhere!  By early October, a dash of color or animal print perhaps on the shoe, a white graphic t-shirt here and there and gold metallic accessories were all that you could spot amongst a sea of black from Radio Rooftop Bar at the ME London to the underground, secret gem, Bar Mutis in Barcelona.

Crossing the pond and back Stateside, the Black trend is in full force and not just in the cities of the Northeast where this hue typically reigns in the colder months, but heading south to tropical Miami, where the bright colors usually sizzle no matter what the trend, these electric shades were borderline extinction.

So it’s official, Black is the New Black…EVERYWHERE!

I love it!  This will make packing so much easier for the upcoming months!  Simple, chic, black versatile pieces, unique leather textures to bring a little edge and glamming it up with gold accessories galore.  With this palette there could actually be hope for me to travel only with a carry on bag!

Supporting my never-ending quest to reduce the weight of my baggage without skimping on the style options contained inside, here are my “Black is the New Black” La Roca Village picks that….GASP….Yes, fit easily into my light as a feather Samsonite Cosmolite 20 inch suitcase!

Top Collage:

Leather Studded Jacket – MAJE – Contact Point of Sale

Leather Leggings – SANDRO – RRP €645 / Outlet Price  €387

Ankle Boots – GUESS – RRP €251 / Outlet Price €150.50

Spike Collar Necklace – BDBA – RRP €60 / Outlet Price €30

Tag Clutch – BDBA – RRP €315 / Outlet Price €189

Bottom Collage:

Leather & Elastic Studded Belt & Cuff – MAJE – Contact Point of Sale

Leather Dress with Studded Belt – MAJE – Contact Point of Sale

Punk & Gold Bag – BDBA – RRP €173 / Outlet Price €104

Gold Leather T-Shirt – MAJE – Contact Point of Sale

Lace Up Skinny Jeans  – SANDRO – RRP €165 / Outlet Price €99

Spiked Headband – BDBA – RRP €45 / Outlet Price €19

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