Halloween on South Beach…There’s No Place Like Home

“There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”…and so goes the chant as I’ve clicked my ruby slippers for Halloween this year and am transported back for the first Halloween in 5 years to the place that I called home for much of my adult life, Miami’s South Beach.   Having traveled and celebrated Halloween in many destinations throughout the US and even a few internationally, there really is no place like home, or South Beach for the night of October 31st.

Here the perfect recipe of equal parts warm weather and exhibitionism, topped off with some of the best nightlife that the United States has to offer can only result in a rock star night for those celebrating the Halloween festivities, not to mention, the free spirited South Beach natives welcome creativity with a sexy spin in costuming, so it’s a night of people watching to remember.

Where to go you’re wondering?  Well, it’s only one night so I don’t want to waste your time with anything less than the best.

First Stop – Dinner, Drinks & Costume Watching on Lincoln Road:

Get here early, around sunset so that you’ll have time to be seated at your outdoor table before the masses arrive.  The key to the people watching of the best costumes is to be in the middle part of Lincoln Road where the top viewing is guaranteed.  Here, you’ll see the most fantastic array of creative costumes, interesting makeup and a few fully painted bodies here and there.

My suggestion for the best places to set up camp, dine and pre-party for a few hours are Books & Books Café, 927 Lincoln Rd., where you’ll find a great wine selection and an eclectic mix of salads, sandwiches and pastas as well as a few local seafood or Cuban style specials as well as the not to miss Misha’s Cupcakes for dessert.  My go to for nearly 10 years, the curry chicken salad.

Second Stop – Walloween Party at Wall Lounge

After the Lincoln Road Costume Parade has wound down, the place to be at the moment is Wall Lounge at the W South Beach.  Here you’ll encounter the most hip crowd and the most discerning door men, so make sure you’re on the list.

The club itself is almost boutique in size, which only means that much more exclusive at the door, but a guaranteed fun experience once inside, especially if a top international DJ happens to stop in, as I’ve previously experienced.

Don’t forget to change into a slightly sexy and always over the top costume before heading out to Wall, as the competition will be fierce.

Drink, dance and take in the party until your Halloween face paint is smeared and the light of day is nearly shining when you exit the club.

If you’ve partied a little too hard, just have your cabbie stop at Pizza Rustica on your way home.  One rectangular slice of their gourmet pizzas, my favorites, the Chicken Fiorentina or the Shrimp Pesto, and you’ll have the best anti hangover remedy, rivaling the FDA approved Blowfish tablet, yet much more organic!

So if Miami is on your radar for this year’s Halloween celebrations, I’ve got you covered from start to finish.  You’ll dine like a Top Chef judge, party VIP style like a Real Housewife and skip the hangover like Miley Cyrus enjoying her Arizona Ice Tea (*That’s right, alll top trending costumes this season)!

Cheers to another great Halloween in South Beach!  It’s great to be home!

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