Excessive Baggage – Packing For In Between Seasons Travel

As I am on the road again for another major long haul trip of nearly two months, I knew it would be a must to turn to friend and fashion blogger Genniva Bruce of Somewear To Be to create another installment of Excessive Baggage.

This time, we’re tackling my packing challenge of travel early August through late September throughout the East Coast of the United States.

Starting off down south and ending up in the north was probably not my most sensible choice considering the change of seasons, however this DC to South Carolina to New York plan is what my schedule has demanded.

Here’s a peek of what’s in my bag and on my back!

2 responses to “Excessive Baggage – Packing For In Between Seasons Travel”

  1. I’m a lite packer, so not a pbrolem for me; but when hubby travels it can be a pbrolem. Packing for a business trip with men’s suits adds lots of pounds.thanks for posting thisSandy


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