Isla Mujeres – The Accidental Wing Woman

Nearly everyone has heard of “The Accidental Tourist” and with my lifestyle, that role doesn’t hit far from the mark, but “Wing Woman” on the other hand is one role that I seldom play, yet I played it like a champ in this effort to escape from Cancun to de-stress in one of my favorite island spots, Isla Mujeres.

villa rolandi beach

As soon as my work meetings ended early one Friday afternoon, a while back, I headed to the marina, just over the bridge in the Cancun Hotel Zone, quickly changed my heels for some flat sandals and caught the private catamaran yacht out to Villa Rolandi with one of my good friends and favorite travel partners, Ilse, to soak in some sun, relaxation and enjoy the raw nightlife that exists on this tiny island paradise, and yes, I almost forgot, hunt down, in a much more civilized way, Ilse’s roller coaster love interest.

villa rolandi wake

First stop, arriving at Villa Rolandi for our check in and a bit of poolside champagne, ceviche and sun while planning our weekend.  Of course I had personally decided to be a bad influence on my dear friend, unbeknownst to her, but it was really for her own benefit after all.

As we departed in the late afternoon, already slightly tipsy and driving our golf cart (cars not recommended for tourists!!!) at high speed, off to dinner and sunset cocktails at our second stop, Zama Beach Club, all cards were in line.  Ilse’s Prince Charming of the moment was waiting for us there and ready for fun.

zama beach club sunset

Round after round of drinks and wine with our dinner, the two of them slowly warmed up to one another, allowing the alcohol to block their memories of the low times and reminisce more on the peaks, while I cleverly asked them to elaborate on those “amazing moments.”

Afterwards, the three of us headed out for a few last minutes of daylight drinks on Prince Charming’s rooftop terrace, aka, third stop, so we could better catch a glimpse of the full island and truly know our kingdom for the night.  As the instigator, it was also important to know the final destination for my passengers, so I could keep my eye on the prize.

Back in the golf cart, stocked with roadies, for the half hour drive, I made sure to keep things spicy for my passengers with a little drinking “Never Have I Ever” game, while accelerating over the speed bumps just enough to make sure they were hanging on to each other closely.

Forth stop found us parking the golf cart and heading on foot to La Terraza, a reggae styled, open air bar that served up some of the best mescal margaritas on earth.  Here was where I began to notice that perhaps Prince Charming wasn’t some playboy, but more a little self doubtful and even doubtful of Ilse’s true interest.

He slowly began paying more attention to me, being a little flirtatious, etc…yet always keeping her in his peripheral vision.  So, I flirted back, ever so slightly, just to make her notice and come claim her territory.

We then made our way over to beachside dancing as Step Five, at Poc Nah Hostel, where it was the perfect mix of live, free spirited music, cheap drinks and the most amazing hammocks hanging between the trees. Just the place for my lovely friend and her man to rekindle the flames, but still….nothing but flirtations mixed with tension.

So, as we headed back to the golf cart, tired from the long afternoon – evening – night of drinks and fun, we took one last nightcap at Kokonuts, Step Six, and finally, as if all we needed were a few hip hop dance hits of the moment, my two friends threw in their proverbial towels and ended their battle of resistance towards one another, becoming inseparable for the rest of the night.


Of course the ride home was a little more quiet with the two of them making out in the back of the golf cart, but driving with the petal to the metal and the wind in my hair at 3:00 am was enough for me, when all I really wanted was a little relaxation.

In the end, I dropped the two of them off at Prince Charming’s apartment and headed back down the street to Villa Rolandi, with the great pleasure of accomplishing my mission of the night, not to mention knowing that I had the reward of my amazing suite to myself.

Sleep diagonally in this fantastic king sized bed that will envelop me for the night?  For sure!  Enjoy a room service breakfast and mimosas while sunning myself besides my private terrace Jacuzzi?  Absolutely!

So, yes my friends, even being a wing woman can have it’s benefits at times!

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