Barcelona Eat – Gusto del Born – A Little Slice Of Italy Right Down The Street

I guess it’s time to let you in on a little secret of mine.  I can’t always be chic and well put together, especially on days when I’m facing the ever pleasant hangover.

Although I try to avoid this headache inducing visitor as often as possible, well, there are just some days where I lose that battle, and the results are tunnel vision for pizza.

Luckily, there’s a fantastic “Roman style” neighborhood pizzeria, Gusto del Born, only a short 2 minute walk from my doorstep.

If you’re ever hungover and passing through The Born, I recommend going here immediately for a cure.  It’s also a fantastic place to pop into if you’re just in the mood for a slice of pizza and some italian nostalgia in the form of comfort food.

The four cheese and salami with arugula are my personal favorites, and must tries.

Word to the wise, Gusto del Born far surpasses the other pizza place 3 doors down on the Paseo del Born.

Who knows, you may even catch me in there one of these days, eating pizza, while staring out the window, aka….working as I was doing today.

Yes, finally, at nearly 5:00 pm, my hangover is cured!

Gusto del Born

Passeig del Born, 16

34 932 956 857

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