How to Survive Walking Away from the Love of Your Life

Waiting in line for a taxi is one of those routine activities that one does without noticing the world around you.  Typically you’re checking emails or texting on your phone with someone waiting in another line, someplace else in the world, while your feet move forward, one step at a time, to the end goal.

For me, perhaps it was that lack of movement, combined with my spotty mobile network connection and the drop of sweat that I felt rolling down my back every minute waiting in this taxi line outside of Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok, that inspired me to speak to that cute guy in front of me.

Fast forward two months and I’ve just returned from an amazing week spent with that same, lovely man from the taxi line, but now, partially as expected, but having tried my hardest to avoid expectations, I’m finding myself in the midst of a blossoming love with this very special someone who I feel is a keeper for life.

So, how am I sitting here, with a smile on my face, sharing this story from a café table in Barcelona, while he’s a continent away and awaiting a travel visa that will be a long process due to Iranian elections?  Well, it’s a baby steps process for sure, but here’s how I began:

Walking away from the love of your life
  • 1. Kiss and memorize the feel and details of each other’s faces until the last minute of departure
  • 2. Allow yourself to cry and cry while looking out the
    window of your plane for the first half hour of your flight.
  • 3. Gain your composure so that you don’t become a source of concern for the flight attendants.
  • 4. Make yourself comfortable and drink enough wine to quickly induce sleep for the remainder of the flight.
  • 5. Arrive to your home so tired and depressed that you can only face a hot bath with a good book to escape from reality for a bit.
  • 6. Take the next day off of work to sleep in.
  • 7. Wake up to a relaxing day to introduce yourself back into the real world.
  • 8. Strategically plan your short term future so that its activities are conducive of a long term future life with your love.
  • 9. Take a break for wine, chocolate, strawberries and a nap, as your emotions can be overwhelming.
  • 10. Go to bed early knowing that tomorrow you will put your short term plan into effect, as well as hit the gym to work off that lump in your throat, while preparing yourself to see your loved one again soon.

2 responses to “How to Survive Walking Away from the Love of Your Life”

  1. I love your voice!!! you ´re so right, this makes me remember of the many times I have wlaked away from the love of my life. Its hard but life goes on!!! great job Jetsy!!!! keep the posts comming. xoxo


  2. Thanks Ilse!  So glad you enjoyed this feature and that it brought back memories of your own similar experiences.
    Love the support! Jetsy 😉


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