Barcelona Eat – Pez Vela – A Gypsy’s Favorite Seaside Chiringuito

If you ask me where is the one place that is the “No Fail” for bringing my international friends visiting me in Barcelona in the warm weather months?  My answer: Pez Vela, the beachside restaurant that has modeled itself as a modern and chic version of a chiringuito or snack shack, right downstairs from the W Hotel.

Pez Vela is that place where I head whenever I’m wanting to linger over a long lunch, catch some sun, be in the company of a nice crowd with great music and oh yes, the best people watching stage in all of Barcelona, the beach and Paseo Maratimo sit right front and center.

Reservations are a must, since this place is very popular with both the business lunch and chic artistic local crowds as well as well advised tourists, and all of the above tend to stick around for a while and enjoy the scene.

Myself, following suit in that “hang out for hours” mentailty, I’ve been know to set up office here at my table on the terrace for the day, and receive visits by local friends who pop in and out for a drink or a bite.

The food here is fantastic and you can’t leave without trying my personal favorites, the Arroz Negro (paella style black rice with squid ink and a variety of seafood and artichokes) as well as the Calamari Andaluz.  I’m also loving that Pez Vela changes up their wine list from time to time, highlighting a variety of lesser known spanish brands, and also including some international powerhouse brands for those non-risk taking winos.

This is the perfect place to spend your last day in Barcelona, when your feet can’t handle one more day of sightseeing after pounding the pavement in the daytime and being out until the wee hours of the night in heels.  Make it to the beach earlier in the day, sunbathe, take a nap, revive yourself a bit, then head over here around 3:00 pm and set up your own camp for a few hours of dining, enjoyment and relaxation.

Hmmm…all of this talking about Pez Vela makes me want to make a reservation for one afternoon later this week.  Anyone want to visit me in Barcelona, so that I have an excuse to go?

Pez Vela

Paseo del Mare Nostrum (19/21 under the W Hotel)

+34 932 216 317

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