Barcelona Drink – Wet Deck at The W Hotel

When the weather’s nice and I’m in Barcelona, you can find me at least once a week at Wet Deck.

Here, you can always count on amazing views down the beach, with the city lights glimmering off of the Mediterranean, and even better people watching within the confines of the bar.

This scene is hip day or night and significantly more upscale than any of the other beachfront venues in town.  The most fashionable crowd in Barcelona are always well represented at Wet Deck along with many well heeled travelers.

My recommendation, reserve a poolside bed around 8:00 pm on a Sunday evening, my personal favorite night here, and hang out for three or four hours, enjoying the scene, the music (usually a DJ / percussion combination or occasionally a live Funk band) and many drinks!

After 9:30, the party tends to get really packed and you’ll be thankful that you have your own space to dance or spread out and take in the vibe amongst friends.  No worries if a bit of hunger strikes, you have a great small bites menu and even better grilled hamburgers being preparred by the chefs outside on the deck.

If you’re looking to take the party up a notch after working up a buzz, then simply head upstairs to Eclipse around midnight and you’ll be all set for dancing and more of the club scene for hours to come.

No matter what your taste, Bohemian Chic, Jet Setter or Casual Trendy, you’ll be happy at Wet Deck.

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