Barcelona Eat – Demasie – My Sweetest Neighbor

I’ve just fallen in love with a sweet neighbor of mine in the Born neighborhood of Barcelona.

The Demasie bakery and cafe is the absolute perfect spot to pass a few hours of the afternoon, snacking on their delicious sweets and drinking a tea or coffee while people watching along Calle Princesa.

My choice of sweets today were the chocolate raspberry truffle cake and my all time favorite, the caramelized orange slice, dipped in dark chocolate.

Since Demasie served as my office for the afternoon, I tried one of their hand made pizza slices with brie cheese and caramelized onion for lunch, before diving into the desserts.

Absolutely fantastic all around and now I’m in urgent need of a workout!


C/ Princesa, 28

2 responses to “Barcelona Eat – Demasie – My Sweetest Neighbor”

  1. Thank you so much amy for writing these lovely things !
    I am Manna, the girl you talked to there.  From all the staff and the owners : thank you for liking us !
    have a lovely travel back to the US, hope to see you in september !


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