Same Same Love, But Different – Spotted – The Knot Gay Weddings Digital Magazine

“All You Need Is Love”, right? Or at least that’s what has been sung so many times the world over by the Beatles and their fans.

These days, every form of love and marriage has their own magazine or digital magazine, but The Knot, the company who not only do I owe my formative career years to, but often feels more like family than work, has created this beauty of a digital magazine for Gay Weddings and I absolutely love it and am so proud to support the world of same love!

Having found Love myself recently, I know it exitsts for all and should not be bound to laws, rules or social norms, created hundreds of years ago.

So without further ado, I present this gorgeous digital magazine for anyone who is planning a same sex marriage or anyone who wants to support.  The added beauty of this magazine is that it’s digital, making it availble to lovebirds planning their wedding the world over.  Love it!

The Knot Gay Weddings Digital Magazine

If we were in Thailand, we would all just call this “Same Same Love, but Different”.

Cheers To The Many Newlyweds!


Your Friend Gypsy

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