Hong Kong Beauty – The Feel Good Factor

More often than not, when having conversations with people around the world I’m asked what are my favorites of my travels.  My favorite travel romance experience, my favorite travel friendship experience, my favorite hotel, my favorite beach, etc.…. and I can instantly think of that one that stands out in my mind.

Although not as popular of a subject as whom I’ve exchanged kisses with in some exotic locale, I now have a clear favorite for a manicure and pedicure in the world, The Feel Good Factor in Hong Kong.  Aesthetically speaking, my nails look flawless, and sensitivity speaking, afterwards I felt completely relaxed, this Mani / Pedi combo took the cake.  It was literally so good that I hope my polish chips before I depart Hong Kong just to have an excuse to return!

I walked into FGF yesterday, in need of the works and instantly felt at home with the chic yet comfy harem like décor and the immediate friendship that I developed with the Spa Director, Helen.

In addition to being pampered to perfection, Helen helped me find an “Emergency Hair Stylist” to come to my rescue for a wedding that I would be attending in town.  She introduced me to Paul, Mike and Gabriel from Era by Paul Gerrard, we had a glass of sauvignon blanc, in their salon, chatted about the look that I wanted to achieve, set my appointment and had a couple laughs along the way.

What I love the most about my decision to check out The Feel Good Factor, above the phenomenal Mani / Pedi is that I really consider this more than a beauty and pampering experience, but a true friendship experience.  Starting with the recommendation of the spa by friend Jaillan at Savoir There and ending a few short hours later with 4 new friends in Hong Kong, who I certainly will visit upon every return to this city!

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