Recovery From A Rock Star Weekend

After a weekend of bar-crawls and food-truck binging, I’m planning some necessary me-time. And to make the transition back to reality a little easier, I’m swapping green beer for a few other emerald-colored beverages.

Don’t get me wrong, the juices below DO NOT taste like beer, however they will help you blend in with any St.Patty’s Day stragglers at Happy Hour tonight. Check out my very own version of an Irish Exit:

For the Novice Cleanser

Take Shots (and no, not another Irish Car Bomb)! Organic Avenue Boosters are one-gulp greens that mean you don’t have to quit food cold turkey. Try Chlorophyll to cleanse or Cilantro Lime to help detox your blood. Wheatgrass is my go-to. It’s an oxygen booster that works wonders on my skin.

Boosters, $4,

For the Intermediate Cleanser

In one day, the Classic Reset Cleanse from Ritual Wellness has me feeling happier, well rested and more energetic. Plus, a whole day of detox helps kick-start a week of healthy eating. This of course will (hopefully) lead to shedding the beer belly I packed on over the weekend.

Classic Reset Cleanse, $75,

For the Expert Cleanser

Take a three-day tour into the juice world with BluePrint Cleanse. I’m a fan of the Cashew Milk (okay, this one isn’t technically green, but it’s organic so it kind of counts right?) The door-to-door delivery makes this cleanse tough to pass up.

Foundation Cleanse, $65/day,

Okay, I admit, I’ve only mastered the one-day cleanse before I crack. But, I am always on the lookout for homemade recipes if anyone wants to share?

Good Luck!!

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