Tipsy Gypsy’s Guide To St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawling and Food Truck Chasing

Ever since becoming the legal drinking age, or quite possibly a year or two prior….but who's really counting, St. Patrick's Day has been a holiday full of drinking, partying with friends and bar hopping.  It’s one of those days that no matter what the weather, you hit the streets early, head to a brunch or to a pub for a bit of a liquid breakfast and see where the day takes you from there.

It’s these kinds of festivities where longevity counts, so start working up your tolerance ahead of time, pace yourself and wear comfortable shoes.  No matter what, you can count on some crazy stories and pictures to laugh about for years to come. Did you really steal that fireman’s hat after the parade?  Well, he was drunk enough not to notice it coming off of his head while you were making out….

Heading to Chicago, New York, Boston or Washington, DC for the St. Patty’s Day weekend festivities?  Crawl along with me through my picks of top Irish Pubs in these four cities and don’t forget to grab a little nourishment on the go, ie…chase down these Food Trucks for some gourmet grub.  It’s not too late to get your tickets now!



Scroll over the shamrocks and food trucks for details on each locale.

New York


Scroll over the shamrocks and food trucks for details on each locale.







Scroll over the shamrocks and food trucks for details on each locale.

Washington, DC


Scroll over the shamrocks and food trucks for details on each locale.


Pack your bags and remember your drinking shoes, as it’s going to be a long weekend of parties!

Look out for me at the pubs, as I’ll be the one in green of course, holding a pint of a Mysterious Green Drink in hand!  Ha won’t we all actually!  Click onto my suitcase to see what kind of St. Patty’s Day goodies I have packed for the festivities.

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function wafelsfood() {
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