Did You Know I Love Handbags? – Contest

Happy Valentines Day!

Did you know I love hangbags? Hint, Hint….

If you’re really looking to win over my heart, don’t show up tonight with a dozen roses and definitely leave the box of fancy chocolates behind, but you could come equipped with a box containing this lovely peach, pink and orange leather travel clutch by Elnaz Niknani.

Don’t worry, I won’t be heartbroken if that box contains some other goodies instead…a lacy piece of lingerie or a sparkly bauble for my finger.  I’ll just have to enter Momondo’s Travel / Fashion Contest and try to obtain this bag for myself ;-).

You can enter right here as well, now through Feb. 19th!

I can already invision myself carrying the bag on  my next chic night out…little black dress, strappy stilettos and yes, a pop of color!

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