Road Map To Capture My Heart, Truth or Dare

Having spent the best part of my past few years finding romance on every corner of the globe or encountering the perfect locales that inspire me to flirt, I now dedicate a bit of this knowledge to help you seek out your perfect escape to share Beachside Besos, partake in a little Cultural Canoodling, spark up a Rustic Romance or embark on some Exotic Escapades this Valentines Day with your special someone.Prepare your passports and open your hearts for this journey ahead. Follow my “Truth or Dare” style map around the world to see what special places have captured my heart. I dare you to scroll over each heart icon for some intriguing tips and click onto the destination’s name to get the full scoops on the “Under Cover Truths” of my experiences.


Planning the travel is only half the fun! Encountering sexy little items to accompany me on my journey, no matter what the setting, is what really keeps my heart aflutter!

Want to take a peek at what I’m bringing? Click through on my suitcase to inspire your own Valentines Day escape wardrobe.


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