Cancun Rest – Live Aqua

Often traveling solo has made me think in two perspectives when visiting places around the world.  Seeing a place for truly what it is , overall value, enjoyment, luxury, etc…and then considering whether it’s ideal for being there on my own.

Many all inclusive resorts really don’t fit into both categories, as they’re a fantastic time, value and overall experience, but you can often feel a bit solitary when staying at a resort that is full of couples, wedding parties or families doing their reunions.  Never wanting to be the third wheel or party crasher in any of these groups, of course I’m friendly to those who I meet, but I also tend to give the others a little space as it’s intended.

My experience at Live Aqua, in Cancun, although short, was completely opposite and unique in this respect.  After arriving early, completing my check in and receiving the complimentary hand massage amenity, which was fantastic, I immediately headed out to the pool.  Here, almost immediately I thought to myself that wow, this place is really my scene, and not really my scene if I were here with a boyfriend or really my scene on a fun girls trip, just great for the moment.

The pool area was central to the daytime happenings.   This huge, crescent shaped infinity pool overlooking the ocean and surrounded by lounging beds was not only chic and comfortable but also really had a great vibe.  Although, yes, 50% of the people there were couples, there were equal amounts of groups of friends chilling, and a really significant amount of people intermixing, but not in that cheesy planned out water volleyball way, just naturally / organically enjoying drinks and chatting up their neighbors.

I happened to enjoy my time so much in the pool area that I chose to have both lunch and dinner here, along with many drinks with the new friends that I had made…absolutely loved 

the caiperoskas made with fresh grapes.  One of the highlights of this enjoyable poolside day was also the phenomenal quality of food offered across the board.  It’s not every day that you can find fresh ceviche perfectly presented in a martini glass or aguachiles of various seafood types, all significantly better than typical resort poolside fare of hamburgers and club sandwiches.

As the sun began to set, I headed over to Azur for dinner and to take in the last hour of daylight, enjoying my view of the beach on my final night in Cancun.  Here I did a tasting of sorts, allowing myself to indulge on the equally delicious risotto and gnocchi dishes, both which melted in my mouth and were enjoyed with an excellent chardonnay.

I did choose to head out that night to meet local friends for one last evening of fun, but before doing so, I stopped by Egos Bar to say hello to a few new friends and enjoy a drink with them.  This was a great choice, being that it was just around 10:00 pm, the bar was quite packed and there was great music in the background contributing to a perfect evening ambience.

Squeezing in a visit to the Aqua Spa before heading off to the airport was also an absolute must, even though waking up at 8:00 am after a night out in Cancun wasn’t so fun.
This being one of my favorite spas in town, as it offers everything I need, yet is intimate and comfortable for a more personalized feeling, was something that I couldn’t miss before returning home.  Having experienced Aqua Spa once before, I knew immediately that I’d choose the Lights of Morocco treatment to melt away the stress of my jet setting lifestyle.  Two hours later, I was showered, checking out and on my way back to reality, of course with the glass of chlorophyll water in hand, to keep myself hydrated all the way to the security check point at the airport.

Live Aqua, I had a fabulous stay.  I’ll certainly be back with friends of my own and know I can count on making a few new ones upon my return as well!

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