Cancun Rest – Le Blanc, An Oasis Of Indulgences

Arriving at Le Blanc Spa Resort slightly bruised and battered emotionally from a crazily stressful week of meetings and physically rough around the edges due to too many consecutive late nights of partying, I was concerned I’d feel a little out of place.  After all, this pristine, white enclave is Cancun’s only AAA Five Diamond Award recipient resort, and I was rolling up in a rented Mazda.

Well, I can’t say if it were for the large Louis Vuitton bag in my hand or the smile on my face, but not one employee even seemed to make notice of my being a little worse for the wear.   On the contrary, arriving at Le Blanc felt more welcoming than your typical Ritz Carlton, and with the treat of the most delicious coconut milk to sip on while going through the check in process.  In my dehydrated state, I actually drank two…Isn’t coconut milk good for hangovers?, oh, wait, that’s coconut water!  Really though, this stuff was amazing…the best non alcoholic beverage that I’ve tried in the past decade and so flavorful that I ordered a glass daily to satisfy my post lunch sweet tooth!

As I was guided to my suite and was being shown all of the glitz and gadgets by my personal butler, I took a moment to sit down on the bed and honestly had it not been for his presence in the room, I probably would not have gotten up from the bed until the morning.  This room was perfect, and the bed was the piece de resistance in my opinion.  Just soft enough and with buttery smooth sheets that made going home at night almost the highlight of my day, well, not really, as there was so much more to enjoy.

Luckily I had the motivation of a pending a dinner reservation at Lumiere, the intimate French fusion restaurant that not only boasts the title of the top dining experience on the property, but also quite possibly the top restaurant in Cancun, so I knew I’d have to clean up for this extravaganza.  Culinary extravaganza and then some was what I experienced at Lumiere, having tried the highly recommendable,seven course tasting menu that changes seasonally per the executive chef.  Each unique course was paired with a wine that the in house sommelier suggested and even stopped by to share commentary throughout the meal.

The cuisine and overall experience at Lumiere was so fantastic that I ended up returning a second time, for my last night at Le Blanc.  Of course my excuse being the necessity to try some of the a la carte options this time around.  I sampled mini portions of nearly half of the menu and the choices that came up on top, for starters, were the “melt in your mouth” lobster carpaccio with grapefruit and the carmelized scallops with cocoa.

As for the main courses, the classic duck magret was perfectly prepared, yet one of the most unique plates of the evening, the pork loin with foie gras stuffed ravioli, not being a natural choice, but being that one dish that was still on my mind as I walked back to my room later on.  A few other not to miss items are the house made sorbets, served between courses, specifically the rose pepper with lemon, which was refreshing and had just that spicy kick to pleasantly surprise me. Of course being one to always save the best for last, I never forget desert, and the chocolate spheres were to die for!

Although throughout your entire stay at Le Blanc you’ll feel like a complete VIP, there were a few moments where I sat back and just allowed myself to take it all in and recognize that even a slightly jaded luxury traveler such as I, could still be in awe.

I absolutely loved the private cabana service on the beach during the daytime, which allowed for plenty of my own personal space and not only did I have my cabana with a butler, but also a variety of lounging chairs and tables, just in case I needed a change in position from my bed.

At my cabana one day, I actually met with the “Mixologist”/ Bar Manager of the resort to discuss some unique cocktails that I’ve tried around the world and for him to experiment at recreating some of these, resulting in my leaving with a recipe for one of my favorites and having enjoyed a few of the Perfect Mexican Martini’s that afternoon.

Before hitting the beach each day, I clearly had to take advantage of Le Blanc’s gym to work off the calories that I was about to consume, and then decompress in the spa prior to the, ahhhhh, yawn, “hectic” day on the beach that I had ahead of me.  One of the more unique offerings available for my morning health ritual was the aqua spinning class, which was both invigorating and challenging at the same time.  If my gym in the States had this class, I would be doing it daily!

The most VIP moment of my stay was allowing for a Jacuzzi full of aromatherapy oils and bubbles to be drawn for me in my suite by my personal butler, and having a chilled bottle of champagne waiting by it’s side.  This special treat I had saved for the night that I dined at Blanc Italia, their very authentic and on point Italian restaurant.

Having gladly overindulged on hand made pasta, fresh fish and the best chicken parmesan that I’ve ever tried (I know, cliché and something I would NEVER order, if it weren’t for the waiter catching me eyeing my neighbor’s plate and simply delivering a small portion to my table), naturally a relaxing bubble bath was in need.

My final night, after another exquisite dinner, was the only night that I was less than happy to be heading to this delicious bed, as I knew that when I woke up in the morning, I’d have to check out shortly and return to reality.

Well, at least I knew I would have one last glass of coconut milk waiting for me in the lobby to drown my sorrows of departing this serene oasis, before passing through the front doors for the first time since arriving 5 days ago, and making my return to the real world.

9 responses to “Cancun Rest – Le Blanc, An Oasis Of Indulgences”

  1. I am a Palace Resort member and have visited most of the Palace Resorts in Mexico and the one in Punta Cana (now the Hard Rock Hotel). Le Blanc by far has been the most relaxing, chic, beautiful Palace Resort. The food, staff, and decor are nothing but amazing. I was in total shock by even the kind of food you would get at the pool gazebo, you must try the ceviche served by the pool, so good. On another note, the nightly entertainment is quite bad. For an entire week, we went to the room where the nightly entertainment was supposed to take place and there would be 5 people in this huge room, very depressing to say the least. It was very unfortunate given that the room is great, some of the singing groups were amazing, but the logistics to attract more guests isn’t quite working. The shows don’t start until later and most people seem to go to bed early after a long day at the beach or pool or on tours. Another downside we experienced was with the people trying to get you to commit to sit down for the time share meetings. Even when we are already members at some point we were feeling harassed by this guy who at some point even told us that we had to sign some document which stated that we were declining and even said to us that our membership could be affected. When he saw that after days of this and I didn’t give in but instead confronted him (in a polite way) and basically told him that regardless of what he said I was not going to the meeting, and/or signing any paper and if there was a problem with my decision he could have the manager of the hotel contact us directly, he then left us alone. I should also say that after our stay ended, the hotel manager contacted us to ask how our stay had gone, I did mention this minor situation and she apologized so many times.

    But if you have the opportunity to go to Le Blanc please do. Every staff member at that hotel are incredible and so friendly. If I could I would go every month.


  2. Wow!  Thank you so much for your feedback and it’s great to hear from a fellow traveler who has been to the same place that I’m writing about.
    Le Blanc was truly a delightful place for me to visit, and the only other Palace property that I had stayed at previously was the Punta Cana as well, and yes, now part of the Hard Rock brand.
    For me, I was really seeking a relaxation style retreat and to enjoy some great food, drink and pampering, which I experienced to a T.  On the evening entertainment side, I do understand your feedback, as I went upstairs to the club / lounge space one night, and it was very chic, but definitely was more empty.  I thought the best “scene” for drinking was actually the lobby bar, where I had drinks before and after dinner a few nights and that was always pretty crowded.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed your stay so much!  I myself wish I could return to Le Blanc monthly as well…in a perfect world that is!
    Nice Chatting!


  3. No problem. I love traveling and I find it very valuable for travelers to have some information from people who have been to these places. And yes, I agree that the lobby entertainment seemed to be much more happening than upstairs. No doubt that Le Blanc and Mexico in general are a paradise and one can only wish to be there every month.


  4. For Sure!
    Well, certainly it seems like we have common travel interests, so please spread the word of Jetsetter Gypsy to your friends and contacts!
    I’d love to hear from more people!


  5. Hi Britt,
    Well, there are so many options for Mexico, so as much as I love Le Blanc in Cancun, there are tons of amazing options all over the country.
    I’ve been pretty much everywhere, so it depends on what you’re looking for.  Here are a few suggestions of places where I’ve stayed recently in other Mexico resort towns:  Tulum – Be Tulum (chic / boutique style resort) – amazing beaches, more rustic setting, Cabo – Capella Pedregal (epitomy of Jetsetter, very private, yet conveniently located to town for nightlife, etc…), Puerto Vallarta – Villa Premiere – (boutique style all inclusive, decent beach, great location near restaurants & nightlife), Riviera Maya / Playa del Carmen viscinity – Las Casitas at El Dorado Royale & Grand Velas (both luxurious all inclusives w/ fantastic food & drink, great beaches and approx. 15 minute taxi to downtown Playa del Carmen for nightlife).
    Have a wonderful birthday / girls trip and let me know if you’d like more suggestions.


  6. No problem!
    Be Tulum really is amazing, but small, so they book up fast.  Capella is very pricey but worth it for a quick trip.  I do love the One & Only Palmilla as well.  The last time I was there, Luis Miguel was staying there at the same time, right after his break up with Daisy Fuentes, and he was with another model type of woman…found that interesting.
    Check out the other places as well that I recommended, because they’re all fantastic, and meeting the criteria that you describe, but each a slightly different vibe.  I’m certain you could stay within your budget at Villa Premiere in Puerto Vallarta and most likely find a deal for El Dorado Royal and Grand Velas which will be somewhat near your desired price point.
    Let me know how it goes!


  7. Hi! Thank you so much for your reviews! I’m planning my 40th bday party with 3 of my best girlfriends (we’re a very “Sex in the City” bunch). I have been the Le Blanc (with my ex-husband) a few years back and it by far and away is my favorite resort I’ve ever stayed at. It’s very chic, luxury, VIP. I was thinking of switching it up (so as not to travel to the same resort as I had w/ my ex – although I think I could tuck that little fact into my bikini and never worry about it on vaca with my girlfriends) to Secrets The Vine. I noticed that The Vine was quite a bit less expensive so it worries me that it isn’t as VIP. Would you have any other thoughts about a new spot? We could go to the Cabo or PV areas too, we’re open! Sun, exclusive feeling and beauty around us is the most important!

    Thank you so much!


  8. Thank you so much for your recommendations! I’m loving checking them out. My favorites are BE and Pedrigal but BE is booked and Pedrigal is a little too rich for our girls only budget. While traveling under more well budgeted scenarios, I have stayed at The One and Only Palmilla which I liked, but I loved Las Ventanas from a visual perspective. Part of what I loved about Le Blanc was the white linen poolside service and the design (which I thought was chic – I preferred it to Palmilla). We don’t care about nightlife being nearby, we wouldn’t go into Cabo or Cancun for instance, but we definitely want to be “dressed” at dinners and be able to hang out at the hotel bar after dinner (singles scene of very little importance – just beautiful people…:), and adults only is preferred.

    We’d like to keep the 3-4 nights around $1000 per person, and although it’s not a requirement, I do like the idea of all inclusive so that at the end of the stay there isn’t any slicing and dicing bills.

    Thank you so much!


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