Barcelona Drink – Nuba

When the beautiful people of Barcelona head indoors for the cooler months, this is where you’ll find them.

Located in the ritzy Sant Gervasi neighborhood, Nuba is 100% local in the know, as it’s rarely recommended by hotel concierges due to it’s location a bit too far “por arriba” or up the hill, however well worth the trip.

I’ve honestly never had less than an great night at Nuba, with it’s chic indoor / outdoor lounge setting it’s great for a group of friends celebrating a special occasion or even a nice night out with someone special.

The trendy lounge music is never too overbearing to prohibit an intimate conversation on one of the outdoor sofas, yet it’s just the right volume to lure many indoors to the tiny dance floor.

If you have no patience for the overly crowded larger clubs or the intoxicated University student scene, Nuba is the perfect place for you!  The thing that I love the most is that any night here is an excuse to wear my most chic designer clothing, and I can count on never having a drink spilled on me!

Phone: 932 411 720


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