Barcelona Drink – Club Astoria

I’ve always considered Club Astoria as a neighborhood “go to” club over the winter months.  Weekend nights typically generate a nice crowd of people, the majority locals and young professionals, who want to be out for a fun night of dancing.

The setting itself is quite ornate and expansive, with sumptuous velvet lounging spaces and seductive lighting, yet the less stuffy crowd make it more of a laid back clubbing experience in Barcelona, where dare I say, you actually have plenty of room to dance.

Depending on the night you can find a chill after work party or a pull a late night bender on the dance floor.

However, in all honesty, yes, I feel like I’d be lying to you if I don’t divulge this bit of information, as I haven’t returned to Club Astoria since February of 2012. That was when a woman dumped her entire rum and coke over my head, for a minor misunderstanding.  Really…I had just stepped down onto the dance floor from my VIP space and literally didn’t even have enough time to make eyes with a guy and this incident happened.  She was very unapologetic and the bouncers who were very helpful to me, did not choose to throw her out in the end.

Not being high the high maintenance type, I didn’t allow this incident to ruin my night. I merely stuck my head in the sink and slicked my wet hair back into a ponytail and kept on partying.  However, I also don’t plan on returning to Astoria anytime soon!

Phone:  934 144 799

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