Barcelona Drink – Eclipse Bar

Floating above the sea with the sparkling city of Barcelona below, you’ll feel on top of the world at Eclipse.  It’s the right hybrid between intimate and loungey, yet occasionally overcrowded (mainly on Sunday late nights) elite party rocking club in town.  The key is to success for this cozy club space are the ultra discerning door people downstairs who always keep the venue filled with the right people.

Although Sunday nights reign, DJ Kris White and his HairclubEstilistes are now making Thursdays Fashionably Late just as chic and a bit more of my pace, with a better balance of the local “in the know” / international crowd, as opposed to Sunday’s slightly touristy and university student influenced packs that are responsible for  extending the entrance line to outside of the lobby doors.

If you’re traveling solo and want an absolute Rock Star night, then my suggestion would be to do a little pre-partying in the most unique of ways, and meet up with Kris at his salon / art exhibition space, Hair Club, where he or another DJ are always spinning.  Arrive early evening, have your hair done for the night while enjoying drinks, checking out local art and fashion, and making some new friends.  By the time you’re done here, you’ll have a good buzz going, you’ll be ready for a late dinner then off to Eclipse afterwards.

Even if you’re not in Barcelona for a Sunday or Thursday night, Eclipse is a pretty safe bet for the later scene and always guarantees great music and some of the best “mixologist prepared” cocktails in town.

Phone: 932 952 800

Click Through For Guest List

Featured In:

Barcelona II – Summer In Barcelona + Instant Infatuation = Mended Heart

Barcelona III – Looking Down The Jaws Of A Shark and Dropping My Friend In

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