Cancun Rest – Secrets The Vine, The New Chic in Town

My first impression upon arrival at Secrets The Vine was Wow!, this place is grand, chic, modern and more or less just like a W Hotel, so needless to say, just up my alley.

Throughout my stay the initial impression did not waver, as I considered it to be a challenge for such a large property to come through on so many levels of criteria that I look for, but they did and for that reason, I had a fantastic stay.

The attention to detail at Secrets The Vine was probably the hands down top quality of the resort.  This attention shined through in every aspect, from the impeccably decorated common areas that were elegant yet minimalistic, using all top quality exotic raw materials, fully equipped with a cozy fireplace wall that I could only imagine in the type of home you’d see on MTV Cribs, the wide marble hallways with ambient lighting, and the simple, clean lines of the guest rooms.  All the while, everything was perfectly maintained and new…yes, I did happen to be staying there over their official inaguration, but it was more the attention to detail that existed in their tremendous staff that was responsible for keeping this property in pristine condition.

This staff were also one of the most welcoming factors of this large property, as many knew me personally from having stayed at a neighboring hotel for years.  These bellmen, servers, bartenders, etc…are the reason why so many people would return year after year to the same resort, so due to them, I knew I’d be returning myself.

Food and drink wise, everything was excellent quality while being cleverly prepared and presented, which is hard to come by at most all inclusives. So, let me make a few dining recommendations for when you planyour stay, a visit to the “must do” restaurant Olio, my personal favorite, where you feel like you’re dining on top of the world, or at least on top of Cancun with its 12th floor roof terrace setting.  The views and ambience alone make it worthy of repeating and the lamb stuffed grape leaves and beef with burgundy sauce were probably the best I’ve had in Mexico.

Take advantage of the 24 hour room service for amazing selections like the tuna nicoise salad for a light lunch between the heavier meals, and the perfect hangover cure for breakfast, the Huevos Yucatecos, which after trying these, I was forever converted from being a Huevos Rancheros loyalist.   If you’re a true night owl or just out for a crazy Cancun night of partying, my suggestion would be to come home and enjoy the sunrise from your balcony with some great room service food and of course your “company du jour”.  Being the tallest building in town does have it’s advantages and the views that Secrets The Vine boasts are second to none…sunrise or sunset.

A phenomenal gym is the absolute icing on the cake that Secrets The Vine boasts.  In my opinion, I personally can’t stay at an all inclusive resort without a really good gym, as I must have balance in life, and of course, hitting the gym hard in the mornings before the hours of overindulgence begin is key.

This gym not only rivals many US based luxury brand gyms in terms of equipment quality and selection, but also boasts many spa like qualities, such as the attendants offering cool eucalyptus scented moist towels and chlorophyll water.  Of course the absolute most redeeming factor is the view.  While burning calories on your choice of cardio machine…even spinning classes if you choose, there is only a wall of glass separating you from the view out over the turquoise waters of the CaribbeanThis alone was motivation I needed to stay on the treadmill for one extra mile.

All in all, when it’s time to check out of this gigantic, beautiful hotel, it will be the small details that you’ll remember the most.  The trendy house music creating a chic lounge like ambience poolside, the ever attentive staff bringing you another mojito at just the right moment, without even having to ask and the free massage lessons that crank up the sex appeal.

With the cold weather having arrived, I’m sure there will be many a night that I’ll be having dreams of Secrets The Vine.

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