Cheers To My Favorite South Of The Boarder Immigrant – The Perfect Mexican Martini

The Fall has officially kicked off, daylight savings coming to an end, Halloween right around the corner and before you know it Thanksgiving will be here.  With the chilly fall winds rolling in the the summer sun packing it’s bags for the south for the next 8 months, I’m sharing with you a little secret of mine to keep things warm and spicy during this festive season.

No, I’m not talking about wearing a reindeer sweater and Christmas light earrings, nor eating myself into a massive food induced coma on Thanksgiving.

This festive little treat is spicy enough to keep you warm during a snowstorm and strong enough to infuse a little unexpected action into any holiday party.

Having first tried The Perfect Mexican Martini, my last day in Los Cabos, back in March, I knew I had to recreate this “too good to be legal” libation for my friends and family in The States.  So, recently, spending time in Cancun, I was on a mission to perfect the recipe, having succeeded thanks to the help of Mixologist and Bar Manager at Le Blanc Spa Resort, Nestor Can Jones.

Now, in traditional Holiday spirit, I’m on another mission to spread the joy of the season by sharing the fun and spicing things up a little.

Go ahead and try to make The Perfect Mexican Martini for the signature drink at your holiday soiree.  Before the end of the evening, it will soon become the most popular guest at the party, even if you do choose to re-name it with some kooky theme drink title…on that note…here’s one that I think would fit perfectly “Santa’s Little Senorita”.

Once you’ve sampled a few, and gotten a little “roasty toasty” yourself, feel free share with me the name you’d give to The Perfect Mexican Martini’s that you’ll be serving to your guests.


1 oz Reposado or Anejo Tequila
1 oz Grand Marnier 
Splash of Orange Juice 
Splash of Lime Juice
1/2 oz Agave Honey
3 Slices Red Pepper 
3 Slices Jalapeños
1 Pinch of Thyme 
*Place honey in the bottom of the glass, shake all other ingrediants in the drink mixer and strain out peppers.  Pour drink on top of honey and enjoy!

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