A Gypsy Finds Her Perfect Travel Companion In Cruciani Bracelets

For nearly as long as I can remember, I’ve always viewed my life’s activities in increments of outfits, accessories and looks to go with each occasion, no matter how grand or small.

Any shopping sprees over the course of my adult years have been followed up with returning home to try on each new purchase, paired with the perfect shoes and accessories while dancing around in front of the full length mirror to a catchy play list and downing a bottle of wine.

So, when my frequency of travel began to pick up a few years back, I realized that I would no longer have the luxury of a custom designed walk-in closet where I could play weekly “dress ups”, and rather had to adapt my slave to fashion lifestyle into the contents of a 50 pound bag…well, that is a bit of a stretch, as honestly, I do receive my fair share of Excessive Baggage fees.

Regardless, there was a major sacrifice being made on my part, instantly leaving my most fabulous platform wedges and stilettos at home due to sheer space restrictions and focusing more on the art of mix and match.  This alone however was not enough.

Being one who can often look into a bursting at the seams closet and feel like I have nothing to wear, I knew I had to create many options to express my sense of style, in order to merely maintain my sanity on the road.

Accessorizing has always been that key!  With a quick change from watch to bracelets, posts to dangle earrings, the mood of your outfit can instantly change.

Having encountered Braccialetti Cruciani back in April, I was able to take my color coordinated / mix and match travel wardrobe up a notch, by adding a couple or often many of these colorful lace bracelets.

They’re tiny enough to fit multiples in your suitcase and not sacrifice any space, yet when paired together, they can make quite the impactful statement piece on your wrist.  Falling into that “worry free” category of fashion, you don’t need to remove them for swimming, showering, etc….and the breakage factor is almost non-existent….something I welcome after having to replace many a statement piece of jewelry due to travel related damage.

If you’ve seen me since I left Umbria, Italy in late April, you’ll know that in addition to my 2 other daily staple wrist accessories that I literally never remove, my watch and my tiny diamond encrusted evil eye bracelet, I’ve been rocking two Cruciani Bracelets ever since.   The absolute best thing about these bracelets is that I don’t even need to take them off when passing through the airport security sensors.

Inspired by the many places that I’ve visited (the colors, the emotions the experiences), I’ve created a Cruciani Bracelet look that will keep your wrists looking chic and add a kick to any ensemble with ease.

Beginning December 1st, within each destination feature story, you’ll come across that destination’s inspired Gypsy Loves Cruciani look.   I’ve included a few snap shots of some of the looks that you’ll be finding throughout my site.  Can you guess which locations these are from? 

Try these ensembles out for your next trip or send me your own unique creations!  Just remember to stay in touch while I’m accessorizing my way around the world, one Cruciani Bracelet at a time.

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