Barcelona Drink – Boca Chica

My favorite of the new, chic bars in town, Boca Chica is a mix of baroque elegance, nautical chill and wilderness lodge coziness.

Here you’ll find the most fashionable crowd in Barcelona, so be sure to break out your best designer duds.

There are three distinct settings giving you different options to suit your company.

The top floor hosts a more serene, library style bar, great for an after dinner drink or entertaining clients.  Here, you’ll also find a beautiful terrace setting perfect for when the weather is warmer, or even in wintertime, as they create an almost tentlike setting with individual space heaters at each table.

The most lively bar zone and in my opinion the best is the main bar area, where you have overstuffed sofa style lounge seating, a huge bar, crowded always, but never too packed to grab a drink and a great mix of retro hits and indie pop being spun by the DJ downstairs in the bathroom…yes, that’s correct the bathroom (the third ambience). 

After trying a few “Bankers”, their vodka, ginger and lemon martini cocktail, a visit to Boca Chica’s unisex bathroom downstairs is an absolute must.

Once down here, you won’t want to leave, as you’ll feel like you’ve been invited to an exclusive dance party in a close friend’s home, who happens to be a fantastic dj...and did I mention, the walls are covered in vintage mirrors.  So by the time you work up a sweat dancing, you’ll realize you’re in one of the sexiest settings in town!

Don’t forget to take a breathe of fresh air later, upstairs on the the apartment bar’s terrace.

Featured In: Barcelona IV – Everything Happens For a Reason

Address:  Passatge de la Concepcio, 12

Phone:  934 765 149

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