Barcelona IV – Everything Happens For a Reason

I guess I’ll never get enough chances to explore my adopted hometown and it’s inhabitants, although this time, the extent of my stay was a bit unplanned.

It’s always interesting how one decision can affect so many others.  After choosing not to spend my second week in Europe traveling throughout Slovenia and Croatia with a bit of a long distance love interest, due to some last minute flaky behavior on his behalf, I decided to cut my losses.  I forwent my flight that I had already purchased, which is something that I rarely dispose of and opted for a relaxing week in Barcelona, something that I really had not had in quite a while, and was much needed after hosting dear friends of mine from the States in town the week prior.

The minute your mind checks out from one relationship, many doors open that you never would have even considered in the past, and, perhaps it’s during this immediate check out period that you can occasionally act upon pure instinct.  In my case, that’s exactly what happened as somehow, completely unplanned and I still look back at this occurrence as a bit baffling, as I gave into the advances of a way too young, yet extremely attractive and sweet guy, who is actually a student, yes student, finishing his university degree.  Well within the realm of legality, but still, a solid 10 years younger…in a zone where I rarely choose to go, as becoming a cougar is far from my life goals.  What can I say?  I had a few drinks with friends that night at my favorite bar in town, Boca Chica and after that, it was just about the attraction.

So as it happened I mentally checked away from my Inconsistent Baltic Friend, forgetting about the hours of trip planning online and “trip planning” in Victoria’s Secret, and fell into the arms of this young and loving, even if only for one night “Erasmus” student, who when bumping into him about a week later at a Bar Foc while watching the epic Barcelona vs Real Madrid football game, guy friends of mine joked that he reminded them of the actor from the film “300”.  Having fallen asleep during the first 20 minutes of that film, I only remember Gerard Butler being the star, but personally see no resemblance…I guess it was one of the other characters.  Note to self, download “300” for my next plane flight, and don’t drink wine to induce sleeping.

Not to get too caught up in the theme of “300”, as those kinds of gory action flicks never keep my attention, all the while, my mind was drifting towards another theme or another interest of sorts.  This was one who had been slow and steady since meeting as friends over a year ago, the initial attraction clearly noted on his behalf, as Italians do, yet myself, never precisely finding the right time or the right balance of other factors for me to make that transition from friend to more.

Well, somehow, as the stars aligned and after spending a bit more time together, dinners together at Restaurante La Locanda and afternoons to evenings on the beach at Club Natacio Barcelona, that voice of reason suggesting against testing the waters with a friend so vested, seemed to fade away.   It was replaced by an almost reassuring sense that I’m doing the right thing.

I would say that it was clearly 100% the right decision, if there didn’t exist one tiny curiosity in my mind for someone else who crossed my path numerous times in this additional week stay in Barcelona.  Someone who I found to share so many similar interests with me than what were found in previous meetings, where I never would never have know before.  Anyways, as I’ve said, a curiosity has been sparked, yet, I’m never the aggressor, so no moves were made and we’ll probably remain just as friends.

What can be said is that it was 100% the right decision to stay in Barcelona for this extra time, not take the flight over to Slovenia and Croatia, but explore a bit more of the town and it’s inhabitants that I already knew.

By closing one door, many options became open to me, whether newly presented or my mind deciding that it’s finally something that I know is right to pursue.  For that kind of clarity, sometimes you just need to follow your heart, even if it means getting bruised from time to time.

*Inspired by my travels to Barcelona, I’ve teamed up with Braccialetti Cruciani to create the perfect wrist look for this destination.  Gypsy Love’s Cruciani, “Accessorizing my way around the world, one Cruciani Bracelet at a time.”  

Hope to see you rocking this look next time you’re in Barcelona!

One response to “Barcelona IV – Everything Happens For a Reason”

  1. Barcelona sounds like it’s awesome. I love soccer too. But, Gypsy, what would you say about moving there permanently? I just saw a post that valued the cost of selling a US home and what you’d get in return. For instance, in Barcelona, if I sold my $150,000 home, I’d get a place in Barcelona that was only 305 square feet!?
    You can actually see how much your home would cost in 30 cities all over the US:
    Is there one city on this list that is worth it?


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