Barcelona – Get Out Of Town – 2 Day Escape – Spa Retreat at Thalassa Sport in Roses

Overindulging in the finer things in life has always been one of my greatest downfalls.   I’ve been successful in balancing out this high caloric intake with rigorous physical activity over the years to keep things in check on the outside, but as with many things in life, It’s what’s inside that counts.

Wellbeing has always been one of those essential parts of my lifestyle that more often than not gets neglected due to a busy travel and social schedule, but I always reach a point when I know it’s mandatory and urgent, and often that point feels like hitting a brick wall.

For me, the simplest way of regaining this inner calm is with a brief escape from my day to day life and the adjustment of my focus to 100 percent well being.

In order to achieve this goal of getting back my Om, I head to Thalassa Sport, Spa and Health Centre in Roses, a beach town about an hour and a half north of Barcelona on the Costa Brava.

Thalassa Sport is a bit of an undiscovered gem, as they boast a full service spa with every sort of treatment that you can imagine, as well as customized treatment packages for longer stays.  Along with the wellness and spa activities, you’ll find a fantastic gym and fitness center, including personal trainers, various group classes, private instruction activities such as pilates, as well was a pool with full cardio aquatic offerings.

The operation is run by Carolina Walther, a long established therapist and aesthetics professional.  She compliments her therapies with offering many Natural Medicine treatments to help you find an approach to holistically treating a number of ailments or just distressing completely for a weekend.

Arrive early on your first day to enjoy a personal trainer workout in the gym, accompanied by a session of the Aqua Bike class, which Thalassa is one of the few gyms / spas in Spain where I’ve seen this offered.  Afterwards, refuel with a healthy lunch prepared by their neighboring restaurant Jabali, then choose one of the many packs of spa therapies, my suggestion the 100% Anti Stress, and leave yourself in the hands of the therapist.  At your own leisure, enjoy the rest of the facility, including the saunas, steam rooms and hydrotherapy pools.

After feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from your first day, change and leave your belongings in your room, my suggestion, their charming Suite Room with a Sea View.  Set out walking along the Paseo de Maritima (beachside promenade) heading north until you reach the Marina of Roses.

Here at the marina you’ll find Restaruant Sodemar, the perfect spot for a sunset dinner on the water, including fresh fish and a great selection of local wines.  Ok, ok, feel free to linger over your wine and a light desert as you’ll walk it off on your return to your suite later, just refrain from going out after dinner, I know it’s hard to resist, but this is a wellness getaway after all!

Day two, repeat the similar schedule to your first day, but try pilates followed by an Aqua Running class for your fitness routine.   After another healthy lunch at Jabali, have a natural medicine consultation if you have any aches or ailments that are bothering you, then spend your afternoon in one of the other spa treatment packs, perhaps the Chocolate Therapy Plus or Vino Therapy Plus.

By the end of your two day stay, you’ll be ready to return to the real world, and with the affordable pricing and ease of accessibility of Thalassa Sport, you’ll certainly have a new favorite place to come in the future when needing a bit of a tune up!

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