Sweatin’ The Small Stuff – A Gypsy Enrolls Herself in Fat Camp

I know, I know…those of you who know the real Gypsy know that I’m not technically applicable for the antiquated style “Fat Camp” where metabolistically challenged adolescents would be sent off to reform their habits and reduce their body mass in a few short weeks at some New England mountain retreat.  To me, yes, it’s only something that I remember seeing on TV growing up, but always feeling a bit of compassion for the campers.

Only a few months ago, while enjoying my last days of my Mexican Luxury All Inclusive 2 Week Splendor, did I remark to a good friend of mine, Ilse, that I’d reached my maximum capacity.  Mind you, this comment was made as I’d finished my second mojito poolside, and the waiter was bringing a cold bottle of champagne, not to mention a tray of food…ok, mostly fish and guacamole, so that’s healthy, right?

Just as the metal rings on the side of my tiny Colombian designer bikini were starting to create love handles, I felt the need to explain to Ilse the concept of Fat Camp.  Miraculously, she had actually heard of it as well from television programs in childhood.

Now, as I head up to the capital of New England…Boston, on a flight, I can only reminisce of those weight loss TV programs…long before MTV made it cool by the documentary MADE.

Yes, right now, seated in my first class seat, there’s a solid 3 inches to spare on either side of me, between my hip and the arm rests, but needless to say, I feel like I’ve been on a 6 month long campaign to become the adopted, “Blonde Kardashian Sister”.  This was no easy feat, eating and drinking my way through Spain, France, Italy, then weeks of Mexico’s best luxury resorts…not to mention a few months of touring US cities and exploring their culinary and alcoholic treasures.  All the while, having an injured back from carrying suitcases that the airlines refer to as “Excessive Baggage”.

I’ve reached that point where jumping into your jeans to get them closed is no longer a laughing matter; yet, I refuse to go up a size.

With that being said…I’m making the promise to myself to get back into shape!!!  I’ve arrived in New England, the land of the 80’s Fat Camp, so will join the club and submit my semi “Kardashian” worthy ass to the controls of my trainer friend.  Ok, ok, so my personal Fat Camp won’t exist solely during my stay in Boston, but I’m now equipped with the goods to take my fitness on the road and adapt this Fat Camp to my traveling lifestyle.

Thanks to the work of Body By Becky I now have 2 yoga inspired, energy  building workouts created perfectly for my on the go lifestyle that I can do easily in a hotel room or any small open space.  Perfect individually for short breaks in my busy schedule or combined for an intense toning  session.

Stay tuned for updates, tips and improvements, via Sweatin The Small Stuff of my return to fitness while not sacrificing along my journey.

Loves to Becky Schaller for making this possible!!!

Check out her amazing workouts and much more about her training and fitness modeling career at www.BeckySchaller.com and be sure to give her a shout out for any workout needs when you’re in the LA area.

2 responses to “Sweatin’ The Small Stuff – A Gypsy Enrolls Herself in Fat Camp”

  1. At the moment, no, I don’t know of any other discussion boards for workouts on the go / travel workouts.
    I did approach my friend, trainer Becky Schaller at Body By Becky to create these two workouts specifically for my lifestyle, so perhaps she could recommend some discussion boards for you.  Her website is http://www.BeckySchaller.com, so hit her up.


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