Barcelona – Get Out Of Town – 1 Day Escape – La Roca Village Shopping Spree

As August rolls around I always find myself packing up my bags to head back to the US for a couple of months of travel.  By the middle of the month, the face of Barcelona has transformed from an eclectic mix of “casual chic meets bohemian” year round resident to pure tourist, often sporting hip packs!  This is my warning sign that it’s time to Get Out Of Town!

Knowing that not everybody can just jump continents for a few months, I’ve put together a few escapes that are easy drives or train rides away, the perfect dosages of travel excursions to maintain your sanity when surrounded by a city now dominated by umbrella carrying tour guides and their flocks.

1 Day Escape – La Roca Village Shopping Spree

For me, there’s almost no problem in the world that can not be solved or at least significantly masked over by a great day of shopping!

My first visit to La Roca was earlier in the summer and I was in heaven.  This open air “chic outlet” shopping center was set in the rolling hills of the Catalunya countryside and offered more the relaxing feel of a tiny village as opposed to the expected hustle and bustle of a shopping mall.

Much to my surprise, La Roca carried nearly all of my favorite boutiques where I shop in the city, Sandro, Sita Murt, Maje, Hoss Intropia and Bimba & Lola, so I’ve truly found my place to be!

Another key part of my experience were the culinary and beverage options.  For years, I’ve enjoyed a great day of shopping paired with a fantastic lunch or dinner out, as a way to rest my weary arms from the weight of the shopping bags and recharge for another round of retail therapy.  I tried a breakfast of a tortilla espanola with chorizo from Spanish Michelin Star Chef Jordi Vila’s Ohyeah!  garden setting food kiosk, which was to die for!    Later, when my arms were about to fall off from carrying around my purchases, I enjoyed a late lunch at Pasarela, La Roca’s more formal restaurant, where the salmon entrée is not to be missed and be sure to enjoy a few glasses of wine from their ample wine list.

If it work’s for your schedule, plan your day trip to La Roca on a Friday and after all of the shopping and dining, enjoy their Chic Sunset cocktails on the Demasie  terrace, while listing to the chill dj music being spun and taking in the view of the landscape.

When you’re ready to head back to life in Barcelona, you just hop onto one of their Barcelona Shopping Express busses that bring you directly back to the city center off of Plaza Catalunya or for more of a VIP transportation a chauffeured car service can be arranged.

All in all, if you’re in the need of a brief escape from the urban jungle, desiring a touch of luxury and wanting to update your wardrobe a bit, head out to La Roca Village for a day.  Enjoy the fresh air, sun, shops and dining experiences and let your stress melt away!

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