Sweatin’ The Small Stuff – Spring Break Slim Down

After passing this years Spring Break holiday in Los Cabos, I was once again reminded of the Spring Breaks of my college days and the hedonism and debauchery that goes along with this utopian week.

In many ways, nothing had changed with this scene.  Although I was not hitting up the same bars and clubs where the majority of the spring breakers frequented, our paths did cross a few times throughout my stay and most noticeably at Nikki Beach Club.

The 2012 Spring Break game is the pretty much the same as it was 10 years ago, however the playing field has completely changed in the form of the competition’s surgical enhancements.  No longer would my 2 week diet and cardio plan hold up against these silicone sculpted figures in bikinis.

I’m certainly not one to rush out to get cosmetic surgery of any type just to feel adequate amongst these others, but I recognized the need for an intense workout plan to prepare myself, even if it was only to reject the offers of way too young college guys trying to hook up.

Goal accomplished with the help of friend and trainer Pat Hazlewood, owner of Boost Camp DC.  Pat’s 20 minute circuit training workout using my own body weight and fitness bands as resistance (3 sets of 10 reps for each exercize) was the perfect addition to my regular cardio to shape up in the month prior to Spring Break.  The best thing of this workout is that no gym is required, so it’s completely doable with a traveling lifestyle of my own!

Stay tuned for other travel fitness dilemas and how I solve them with the help of my Boost Camp DC friends at Sweatin’ The Small Stuff.

Check out Boost Camp DC for amazing outdoor fitness programs as well as nutrition and wellness tips for an overall 360 healthy lifestyle.  Don’t be shy…enroll in one of Pat’s boot camps if you’re visiting Washington, DC and want to maintain or improve your fitness during your stay.

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