Cadaques – Getting Lost and Finding Love

You’re never too old to run away from home, or at least that’s what I believe.

Throughout adolescence, the idea never struck me as great, not so much for the overall irresponsibleness but more due to the fact that I was happily set in my day to day lifestyle and couldn’t bear to miss out on a minute of the “life changing” happenings of high school days.

Waking up a few Fridays ago at my home in Barcelona, and receiving the proposal that I join this very interesting guy who I had just been out with the night before, on a getaway, I immediately thought, No!  It would be too irresponsible, as I was drowning in work and had a seriously injured wallet due to a blowout shopping spree I had taken earlier in the week at La Roca Village.  However there was something about this guy that intrigued me enough to consider.

So as I poured my bowl of cereal that morning in my kitchen, glancing at the cap from a bottle of Honest Tea that I had saved, with the quote “Only a person who risks is free”, I decided to take this leap of faith and run away from home for a bit.

The next morning, without telling a sole, I was on a train heading north from Barcelona, along the Costa Brava to one of the northernmost beach towns before reaching the French border, Cadaques.  This artsy, picturesque town where Dali had called home was where his father lived and where he had spent many summers growing up.

Cadaques felt like a magical place from the minute we arrived.  The town seemed more like a perfectly preserved Greek Isle due to the white buildings and red tiled roofs that made up the skyline, yet, without the droves of tourists.  Around every corner was a surprising and curious detail to be found, unique stores, galleries, and beautiful sights, and of course this excitement of a new place combined with a bit of nerves made the whole trip feel surreal.

My three short days of exploring around the town, relaxing poolside, enjoying the company of my new “friend” and guide were flying by.   With every day, I discovered new treasures in Cadaques, had some adventurous moped rides throughout the surrounding countryside and up to Cap de Creus national park, getting caught in the rain more than a few times, while learning the likes and dislikes of my intriguing friend and sharing bits and pieces of myself as well.

When the time had come to check out and return to the real world, I just wasn’t ready to go.  The gypsy in me just had to remain a runaway for a few more days.  After all, the world wouldn’t come to an end just by my choosing to play hooky from work and life for a few more days, and then again, if it did, I was quite possibly in that place where I’d like to be.

So, I extended my stay to experience the full moon, I think that was the excuse I gave myself and allowed myself to be further seduced by this town and one of it’s inhabitants.

In the end of my weeklong stay, I was thoroughly rested, had eaten the most amazing and eclectic cuisine and seen the most beautiful sights but knew it was time to return to my life in Barcelona.  Somewhat heartbroken to be leaving this beautiful place, the only thing that comforted my departure, apart from the light rain that morning was the fact that my friend, my guide, “The Boy from Cadaques” was coming back to Barcelona with me.

Knowing the fact that we’d have some more time to spend together, as we boarded the train, headed south for the city, was enough to keep a smile on my face the whole ride home.

I guess it was his turn to play the role of the runaway for a bit.

*Inspired by my travels to Cadaques, I’ve teamed up with Braccialetti Cruciani to create the perfect wrist look for this destination.  Gypsy Love’s Cruciani, “Accessorizing my way around the world, one Cruciani Bracelet at a time.”  

Hope to see you rocking this look next time you’re in Cadaques!

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