10 Simple Ways To Looking Refreshed While Traveling

We all know that travel can take quite the toll on your health and beauty routine so here are 10 simple ways to not let yourself go while on the road, or at least do a stellar job faking it!

  1. Keep your nails short and painted with colored nail polish.  This is an instant way to add a punch of color and accessorize any outfit, and it’s the best way to disguise any dirt and grime that might get under your nails being on the go.
  2. Carry mini versions of your facial cleanser and moisturizer and deodorant always in your handbag.  You never know when luggage may be lost, flights delayed or just if an amazing day of sightseeing rolls directly into a night out.  Best be prepared.
  3. Have a great day to night makeup look.  Mascara, concealer, eyebrow pencil, blush and lip gloss are a must for a natural glow during the daytime.   The ace up my sleeve for makeup while traveling is highlighter.  Choosing one with a nice shimmer can instantly spice up any look, applying a small amount to the cheek and brow bones, outside of the eyes and doubling over darker as eye shadow.  Then top off the inner eyes with a sheer white eyeliner to give the illusion that they’re larger.  This dewey look is essential to concealing tired eyes.
  4. Dry shampoo is your best friend.  Nobody wants to have dirty or greasy looking hair, yet we aren’t always in places where we can wash daily.  Even if you are, sometimes it’s preferred to use the dry shampoo, as it preserves your hairstyle for an extra day without slaving behind a hair dryer or curling iron.
  5. Always bring along a hat or head scarf.  If your hairstyle is just unsalvageable for the dayor you want to change up your look, put on a hat.  You also get the added be
  6. nefit of keeping the sun off of your face.
  7. Q-tips are an amazing multitasking tool.  Yes, I know, this will make the ears bleed of any Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor, but for me, one of the “must do’s” in my hygiene process is q-tipping my ears.  Apart from that, they’re an ideal tool for the application of makeup, the removal of makeup…especially the 5 O’clock under eye shadow from mascara and they’re excellent if you ever need something dislodged from a tiny crevice.
  8. Tweeze, tweeze, tweeze!  Ok, I’m not a fan of an overly tweezed brow, but an unkept brow, or even dare I say a uni-brow in the making can kill any look, not to mention your chances of meeting any fun, “leading characters” on the road.  You never know when you’ll have a hair out of place, or a splinter of some sort if you’re the outdoorsy type.
  9. Attempt to get some form of exercise, even if it’s a 10 minute hotel room workout.  Sweating is great for the complexion.
  10. Stay hydrated!  I’m not just talking wine here!  Carrying a water bottle on your journey will not only benefit your skin, but also your wallet.
  11. Try to sleep as much as possible.  My travel schedules often take on the “burning the candle at both ends” mentality, so carrying a small inflatable neck pillow to take advantage of cat naps when on transportation or any random available time can significantly rejuvenate.

Live by these 10 simple steps when traveling and you’ll be sure to look like a million bucks even when you feel closer to bankruptcy!

2 responses to “10 Simple Ways To Looking Refreshed While Traveling”

  1. Face/Skin Care:1.If you know you get bags under your eyes than leave 2 spoons in the frezeer over night and when you wake up put em on your eyes to decrease bagginess2.When you wake up splash your face with cold water for 10 seconds.3.If you’re doing eye make up and you mess up, take a Q-tip, dip it in some moisturizer and wipe it off and you’re good to go.That’s some that I know.Go onto google and youtube and look up basic beauty tips.You’re a good friend! Good luck!


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