Army Green Anoraks – The Energizer Bunny of Fashion Trends

Back in November, I considered writing about the trend of army green anorak winter coats that everyone seemed to be wearing from Paris to London to New York.

I’m a huge fan of reporting on of unisex trends since I want to satisfy all of my readers and not just the ladies, however, I thought at the moment, could this trend be too big, that it’ll be out of style by the next season?

At that moment I held off on writing about the Anorak and decided just to buy one for myself, an amazing down filled version with a fur lined hood.  Sporting this from Boston to Barcelona through the winter, it seemed like everywhere I turned, these coats just kept multiplying on the streets.

Now as we’re officially into Spring and I’ve spent a solid few months eyeing the lighter weight, drawstring waist version being worn by many from LA to DC to Rome and back to Barcelona, the time has come to give it fair coverage.

The crazy thing about this trend is that it’s breaking all of the rules.  It’s unisex, boxy and almost considered “outdoor wear”, yet I’m seeing it worn over anything from suits to jeans and a t-shirt for the men, and chic dresses to cut off jean shorts and tanks for the women.  It creates an overflowing silhouette that dominates the whole look but has surely become the status symbol of anyone who cares about fashion.

If I’m looking take this trend into another season, and swap my down filled G Star Raw anorak, it would certainly be for Free City’s version, the Suns Sparrow LNL pictured here and available on

I’m just curious with summer around the corner if some designer will create a waterproof or lycra version and people will start wearing it as a beach cover up.  Honestly, it really wouldn’t surprise me, with the strength of the anorak trend, I kind of expect it to just keep going and going.

Well, I live in a beach town, so I guess the next two months will tell.

One response to “Army Green Anoraks – The Energizer Bunny of Fashion Trends”

  1. Hi Jeff and Sandra thanks for blinoggg your way across America! Feel like I’m there with you. Have a blast! And when you get to Portland, let me know, have a friend you can meet up with. Best, Susan


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