Cruciani Bracelets – The Next It Accessory

This is one trend that I’m loving and think will be all the rage over the summer.

The Cruciani needlepoint bracelets have already become a success in Italy, in the very short time since they were created, less than one year, however their price accessibility and unisex draw make them par to be a smashing success around the world.

I picked up a few for myself while in the Umbria region of Italy, while visiting Cruciani’s showroom and meeting with the owners.  I’m a big fan of piling on the accessories on my wrists and with these bracelets, you can buy multiple designs (I’m partial to the hearts, butterflies and four leaf clovers if mixing and matching) and colors (almost any you can imagine), pile them on all at once and not break the bank.

They’re also a really versatile statement piece accessory as they go just as well with a simple black dress and thin gold bangles for the evening as they do with casual jeans or beachwear in the daytime.

Check them out and get yourself a few so you can start the trend in your own country.  I’m making the effort already for Spain and the United States!

14 responses to “Cruciani Bracelets – The Next It Accessory”

  1. Thanks for your feedback!
    I’m glad you’ve found it inspiring for your own travels, as that’s one of my goals.
    Stay tuned for more!


  2. Hi Barabara! My name is Noah and I fell in love with the bracelets in Italy this past summer! I’m very interested in doing something together with them in NY and LA.If you are interested please feel free to contact me. Thanks,Noah


  3. Yeah, I guess they’re not for everyone, although in Italy, just as many guys were wearing them as girls.
    I think it depends on how you mix them with other accessories.


  4. Hi!! Jetsetter Gipsy!! ;)Mi name is Barbara, and I’m come from Italy, i work for Cruciani’s company!!I really like your post about our bracelets, very famous here in Italy, Spain, Japan..etc…And thanks to all the people that did the compliments, and they liked our items..Can i contact you to propose a partnership with you?This is my mail, i waiting news for you!Thank you and big kisses!Ciao!Barbara 


  5. Well deserved though!
    I believe so many places have their secret gem of style, but most go undiscovered.
    I’ve spread the word to some fashion blogger friends of mine as well about the Cruciani bracelets.


  6. Hi Maria,
    Yes, I love them as well and discovered them when I was in the Umbria region of Italy in April, where they originated.
    I did the same as you and bought a bunch for gifts.
    I’m loving that I’m now seeing them in all major cities around Europe!  Hopefully the US and Latin America will be next!


  7. I went to ibiza last week and found out about these beautiful concept! i love them and bought loads of them for me and family. 


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