Barcelona – Drink II

With so many places to go at night in Barcelona, I’m always finding new options for entertaining.  Good thing I’m not just a visitor in this town!

Boca Chica

My favorite of the new, chic bars in town, which is a mix of baroque elegance, nautical chill and wilderness lodge coziness.  Here you’ll find the most fashionable crowd in Barcelona, so be sure to break out your best designer duds.  There are three distinct settings giving you different options to suit your company.  The top floor hosts a more serene, library style bar, great for an after dinner drink or entertaining clients.  You’ll also find a beautiful terrace setting perfect for when the weather is warmer.  The best zone in my opinion is the main bar area, where you have overstuffed sofa style lounge seating, a huge bar, and a great mix of retro music and indie pop being spun by the DJ downstairs in the bathroom…yes, I said the bathroom.  Definitely hit up Boca Chica for a chic night out, and start your evening drinks off with a “Bankers”, their ginger martini cocktail.

Address:  Passatge de la Concepcio, 12

Phone:  934 765 149


The “It” place to be with Barcelona residents or international visitors in the know.  Downstairs from it’s namesake restaurant, in an unassuming residential neighborhood, you’ll find this crowded but not overly packed bar and lounge then an almost “back stage” style club area.  Just setting foot in this places makes you feel like you’re in the VIP section of any other club.  Be sure to order your drinks from Francesco, one of the top bartenders in town, and let him create a drink based on your taste.  Another unique detail is their harem style private room that can be rented out for parties or events.

Address:  Av. Doctor Fleming, 11

Phone:  935 343 366

Bar Velodromo

A great neighborhood bar with more of a Parisien bistro feel than a Barcelona vibe.  Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic place to meet friends for a drink and a snack on a chill night or grab a few starter drinks before heading to one of the many nearby clubs in the area.  Their pride is the extensive selection of Gin & Tonics, right now the drink of choice by most locals, so be sure to try one.

Address:  C/ Mutaner, 213

Phone:  934 306 022


For a while CDLC was overshadowed by it’s neighboring nightlife giant Opium Mar, but these days, it holds it’s own with a slightly more sophisticated crowd.   The Asian and Middle Eastern lounge décor makes it perfect for a sexy date or a bit later on in the night, the club dance floor is fantastic with a group of friends.  CDLC is also one of the few places that cross over ideally for daytime / afternoon cocktails, as it’s terrace location right along the beach is perfect for people watching and chilling on a Sunday afternoon.

Address:  Pg. Maritim, 32

Phone:  932 240 470

Musica Als Parcs 

Ok, ok, so this is a slight stretch for the nightlife category, but it does happen after dark and for me, it often involves wine and a picnic.  The Musica Als Parcs is a free summer concert series in various parks around the city, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night June – August.  This is one of the most relaxing and cultural ways to gather with friends, enjoy a picnic dinner and wine and have great, free live music. My park of choice is the Parc Ciutadella, where you can easily enter from the Born neighborhood.  If you ever want to take me on a first date, this is where I’m suggesting.

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