Miami – Every Relationship Has An Expiration Date

Ahh, freshly tanned just off of a winter escape to Miami for a little work and a lot of fun!

Always one of my favorite places to go for a visit, with a ton of great friends there after having lived in the 305 for so many years, there’s never a dull night.  Although this time around, there was a slight deviation from the 24/7 friends get togethers.

Quite unexpectedly, I found myself crossing paths with my oldFlorentine Love Interest,” who also happened to be in town on a bit of business.  When faced with the opportunity of seeing him one night, after finishing an amazing dinner and drinks at The Dutch, with some girlfriends, I found myself thinking, do I want to rekindle these flames, or just let them be part of the past? Maybe the few drinks in me helped the decision making process seem ever so much clearer, as I decided to meet up after all.  My justification, well, there was still a solid amount of attraction there and he, being a red blooded Italian had already made it clear that he was eager for a reunion.

So we met up, and of course I made sure that it was the night I was wearing one of my favorite party dresses paired with my highest platform stilettoes, just to make a good impression.  We caught up over drinks in the intimate rooftop lounge, Spire Bar at The Hotel of South Beach, and between reminiscing and kissing, things seemed to be back on track from where they were left so many months before.

Later, joining his friends at the ever chic bay setting of the Sunset Lounge at the Mondrian South Beach , my rose colored glasses had officially been set in place, and maybe it was a bit of the tropical paradise ambience, but the relationship no longer felt like a fizzled out thing of the past.  Overlooking some of the awkward gaps in conversation due to the evident chemistry that still existed, and choosing to focus on what was there in the present, the excitement off making out under the stars, with a backdrop of lights sparkling off of the Biscayne Bay and amazing house music soundtrack.

Our time spent together was romantic, fun and exotic, but when it came to an end unlike past departures, I wasn’t so heart broken.  While I packed up my bags and prepared for the airport, I felt a bit uneasy, but knew it was more due to the over drinking and lack of sleeping from the past few days, and not so much the anxiety of what was to come in the future of this relationship.

I knew at this point that the relationship had truly arrived at it’s expiration date.  Of course I was a bit saddened by this realization, I am human after all, but in all practicality, had to remind myself that “One doesn’t drink milk after it’s expiration date without getting sick, so why would one expect a positive outcome from revisiting the flames of an expired relationship.”

For future reference, I’ve created a new rule of thumb for myself.  When faced with these opportunities to revive expired relationships, no matter how exotic the locale, just imagine myself really thirsty and drinking a tall glass of spoiled milk.  I think that should do the job quite well!

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