London – You Can’t Rush A Gypsy

A wise man, whom I’ve come to know and respect quite dearly over the past months, once said to me, “I can’t rush a gypsy” in response to my greatest downfall in life, punctuality, or lack thereof.

As those of you who know me personally read this, you are probably shaking your heads in accordance with my lack of punctuality.  This same lack of punctuality has also started to ring true in my creation of new content on this site.

Looking at my life over the past couple of years, yes, it has been full of these crazy stories and experiences around the world.  However after my fourth night out in London, returning to my room at the W Hotel, with late night Asian eats in hand, I couldn’t bring myself to force a story.

Were there no crazy antics in my nights at Hakkasan followed by drinks at Whiskey Mist? Bar hopping in Hampstead or various cocktail events topped off by night-caps at Wyld Bar at the W?  Certainly there were!  If my memory serves me correctly, I may have even brushed shoulders, or lips with some guy while on the dance floor of the haremesque, Wyld Bar…but surely nobody worth mentioning.  The social highlight of this trip was hands down my afternoon tea with girlfriends at The Palm Court in the Parklane Hotel, which of course adding my own twist to the activity, 3 champagnes later, served as more of a pre-party to a long night ahead.

So, amongst my savoring the deliciousness of my king sized bed, by sleeping diagonally, surrounded by mountains of pillows, I came across a bit of a breakthrough…call it drunkenness or sleep deprivation…what have you, but I had found a strategy to infuse new lifeblood into my brief inspiration rut.  A CLEAN SLATE!!!

Who knows, perhaps this slight drought in “Out of this world”experiences could be attributed to the many loose ends that I’d left dangling out there around the world.  Since I do believe in Karma and being a responsible citizen of the world, my first step was trimming away those loose ends in an effort to make room for the new opportunities.

Fast forward two weeks and I’ve landed in Paris with a clear head, having successfully accomplished the proverbial trimming and with a new hunger for adventure.  I guess the stint in London was truly the R&R that I needed.

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