Surviving The Cross Atlantic Coach Flight

Like any good Jetsetter, I  typically fly business class for my long haul international flights.  However there does come a time when I must be one of the majority…ie…partaking in a corporate sponsored flight..or even making my personal miles stretch for more destinations, and submitting to the “dare I say” Coach Class.

When in Coach for these cross Atlantic flights, I’ve gathered a few survivor skills to help you cope in closer quarters.

1. Choose an aisle seat.  This is key strategy, even if you are a big
sleeper. Part of the coping with this length of flight time is an easy acessibility to the flight attendants and the restrooms.

2.  Make friends with the flight attendant.  Another key strategy for getting through the 8 hours is enjoying your drinks and the more frequent refills, the better, not to mention staying hydrated with plenty of H2O.  Every night out at a bar goes by in a flash, even when in real time, it’s 4-5 hours, so just imagine yourself at a bar, however, don’t be the annoying neighbor trying to talk to the person seated next to you, just enjoy your drinks and your in flight entertainment alone.

3. Best case scenario, your meal will be a piping hot  chicken curry of some sort.  You’ve already got the drinks in the bag per #1 & 2. So enjoy the drinks, while you place your frigid dinner roll (still in plastic wrap)  under the aluminum covering of the main course, as it will actually heat up to edible level, and if you’re lucky, melt the butter!

4. Never overeat the main course, and definitely save the salad for last.  You’ll need the sald for some digestion help in your sedentary state.

5.  Don’t fret, after all, you’re on the aisle seat, so get up and stretch periodically so you don’t develop kankles.  Take advantage of the breakfast service, a completely unnecessary second meal, and enjoy the space in the back of the plane, usually inhabited by the flight attendants, while you can ocupy the space and work out any kinks from the ride.

On a side note…don’t waste your time trying to get good rest.  Watch a movie, occupy your time, do numerous ankle circles, etc…Even a couple of hours of quality Zzzzzzs can turn into a neck ache or just delerious passing through immigration, that makes it much more difficult.

Take a word from the wise and have a good bed waiting on the other end and carve out at least 3 hours of power napping in that bed before you start your routine on the other side of the pond.

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